Review: Sharon Lia Band: “Anomie” by Eileen Shapiro

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Today The Sharon Lia Band celebrates the release of their new single “Anomie”, a hauntingly enchanting track with a message. Sharon Lia’s angelic vocals freely design the journey of an anthemic alternative pop song sure to become a classic.

Sharon’s smooth and subtle brilliance clearly paves the way for a unique blend of music, both refreshing and thought provoking, and “Anomie” is the first single in a mesmerizing build up to an eventual album featuring songs of the same special caliber. Her fans see her as being, ” fierce in life, in music, and in her fight for the challenges women face in the music business.

Aside from being a singer/songwriter, Sharon is also an accomplished pianist, as well as a multi-faceted and inspiring journalist. She is also a voting member of The Grammy’s and promotes causes and concerts well worth keeping an eye out for. She is an explosion of inspiration and talent as evidenced in the new single. She has a loyal fan base all over the world that hopes for a chance to see her tour in support of her newest endeavor.

From the artist: “In this time in history where there are more people feeling a sense of disconnection, and wanting answers, I feel this song really speaks to a lot of those people”. The song is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and all of the major digital venues.

Fire Bug: “A Super Talent” by Eileen Shapiro


Jules and Juliette are the center of the pop rock duo/ band called “Firebug”. Having just released a new single called “Follower” via Spectra Music Group, they will be unleashing a full record in April entitled: “Wondering Soul”.

Having traveled from place to place, the group’s influences are vast and reflect in their music. The Chicago born couple have a lot to give to an audience and often play live. I spoke with them about their music, and they proved to be a lot of fun and quite prolific.

You are a really cool talent; how did you guys originate?

Juliette: We were both looking to form a band, and that’s how we met. We’re both from Chicago. After a brief time of being together in Chicago we moved out to Los Angeles. While we were there we booked up a storm and then moved to New Orleans for a few years. After we stayed in New Orleans for a little while we decided to come back to LA. Now we are east of Los Angeles in the Joshua Tree area.

Jules: We met in Chicago and that’s when we formed our band. We are both from Chicago originally.

Is it just the two of you?

Jules: Yeah, we are pretty much the core of the band. Like the Eurythmics.

So, you have a new release?

Jules: We just released a single on Spectra called, “Follower”. It’s been out about two weeks, on iTunes, and we are actually making a video for that right now out here in the desert. Our full release which is going to be called, “Wondering Soul”, will be out on April 6.


Who writes the songs?

Juliette: We both do, but mainly me. I write all the lyrics and a lot of times I come up with song ideas. I’ll have the lyrics, melody, and music and then Jules will add to it. Sometimes he’ll come up with the music. We both play guitars, but Jules is mainly the guitar player.

Do you perform live often?

Jules: Yes, we do. Right now, we’re trying to piece the players around us to go out there with a full band, but her and I perform as a duet as well. That’s what we have been doing since we’ve arrived here. We have a few shows coming up, about 15 shows.

Juliette: Which is a lot. We arrived here only a few months ago. We’ve been very fortunate, we’ve met a lot of really cool people here. So, we’re feeling pretty good about our decision to move here. There were some really creative and awesome people that live in this area.

Jules: So, getting back to the ” Following” release and our connection with Joshua Tree, about four years ago we recorded half of our record here. We did the rest in New Orleans. The record is kind of a combination between two places.

Where would you like to go with your music? Where do you want to be say in a year’s time?

Jules: We’d like to be on the road playing music festivals, touring Europe and just getting our music out there to a wide variety of people. Our sound crosses over to different genres.

Juliette: We are a rock band, but we have different influences. I think that’s what Jules is trying to say. We hit all people that listens to different kinds of popular music. Not everyone of course but a lot of people do pick up on it. Sometimes we have the ability to cross over. Hopefully within a year will have a larger audience who will get to hear our music. Hopefully will play in more places and for more people.

Are you two a couple?

Jules: Yes. It’s a balancing act but we love what we do, we love each other and we’re just trying to keep the wheels turning and keep on moving because with these times and such, it’s good to navigate because everything is constantly changing. You don’t have to reinvent yourself all the time, but you have to definitely keep on top of all the different changes and stay focused.

Make sure everyone picks up the new single “Follower” which is out now at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more and be on the lookout for their new album out in April called “Wandering Soul”.

Visit their website at
Follow Firebug on Twitter @firebugmusic

Paisley Fields: “Glitter and Sawdust” by Eileen Shapiro


Queer country at its best is audaciously represented by recording stars, Paisley Fields, a Brooklyn based country and western band headed by frontman James Wilson. About to drop their newest album, entitled “Glitter and Sawdust”, this band has created a strong buzz in the country music industry.

James Wilson not only sings and writes country music, and is a multi-instrumentalist, but is also the pianist at Uncle Charlie’s and The Monster Bar in New York City, where he provides an entrancing sing along several nights a week.

I spoke with James and found him to be an incredibly authentic and genuine person, both creative and fun……

How did you get into country music?

I always grew up around it, I grew up in a one stoplight town in Iowa. I just really love to play it, it comes naturally. I never really felt tied to country music, because I don’t feel tied to any genre really. I think that the song is the boss, and however the song should go that’s the genre it will be. But for now, I really like playing country music, it’s just what I enjoy doing.

You write the songs, correct?

I write the songs, and I also co-write some of them. On this album we have a couple of cover songs, but yes I’m the primary song writer.


What inspires your songs?

Whatever is going on in my life is really what inspires my songs. I just sit down, I’ll start playing with a melody, then play with some chord progressions, and sort of see what comes out. I sort of let the song lead and it writes itself, and I just really get out of the way and become a conduit for it.

What was it like growing up in a small town in Iowa?

Growing up in Iowa, it was good but I had to be cautious because being gay from a very small town…. I’m still very close with my best friend. We were talking the other day about high school, and I said, “I was such a nerd in high school”. And she said, “No you weren’t a nerd, you were just gay”. I was like an outsider because I was different from everyone, but I was lucky to have a little group of weirdos around me as friends.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy, what would you need to happen?

My ultimate stage fantasy would be a huge show like in Madison Square Garden. I like to dream big but I’d love to do a really big show with a grand piano, and have a big production. It would be so much fun. But, I’m happy playing in small pubs for anybody, I just love performing… anywhere.

How many members are there in the band?

So it depends on the show. When we tour we can tour as a trio, or a quartet. On the album we had about nine people recording. It varies.

So you play piano at The Monster? When?

I play at The Monster Thursday happy hour, and Friday and Sunday, late night. We get a really a fun crowd. I sing with them.

Have you actually toured outside New York?

Yeah, we toured quite a bit. Last year we played Lexington pride, and the year before that we did a pride tour so we played Nashville, Louisville, we toured the south quite a bit. We also toured through the Midwest and will be doing the West Coast in May this year.

What do you enjoy most about playing live?

I would say that the thing I like best is really connecting with an audience. When everybody is really engaged, and you are sharing the energy, it’s sort of like a group effort, and the audience gives back as much as you give out. When they really engaged that’s the most fun.

Where did you get the name Paisley Fields?

I got it from the conversation I had with one of my friends. We were trying to come up with the name and she lives in Minneapolis and Paisley Park is there, and I love Prince. So she suggested Paisley Fields. I thought that actually really fit.

If you could say anything to your fans and followers, what would you say?

I would say just be you. Don’t worry about what other people think or say. The best thing you could be is yourself and love yourself.

Is there anything that you want to tell me that we haven’t spoke about?

Our new album is coming out and we’re really excited. Do you know who Eric Bazilian is from The Hooters?

Omg of course.

We’re covering a song that he wrote called “Where Do the Children Go?” on the album. I actually had the good fortune of meeting Eric about a year ago and we became friends and started working together. So he’s playing mandolin on that. I thought that was really cool. I really look up to him as an artist. So that will be coming out in the Spring. It’s a full-length album and we have a single coming out later this month called “The Door”. The Album is called “Glitter and Sawdust”. We just finished recording the video with Mikhail Torch. There’s a Iot of glitter. We need a lot of glitter.

I love that title..there’s nothing more fun than glitter, and lots of it.

We also have a residency at “Hanks Saloon” in Brooklyn on Sundays in March. We will be playing there every Sunday in Match from 6 to 8. It’s one of my favorite places and they are closing. I said ” We’ve got to get in before they close”, and then they offered us a residency.


Review: Hannah Clive: “Remember To Breathe by Eileen Shapiro


British recording artist Hannah Clive has recently released a salaciously haunting new single entitled “Remember To Breathe”. A cross between jazz, and dream pop, dazzled with a hint of country and splashed with R&B, Hannah has managed to choose her lyrics carefully, with a sensitively written, relevant, message.

“Remember To Breath” is a mesmerizing and compelling tune offering a cool sensibility. Her sultry voice adds to the melodious intrigue. The song is easy to listen to, and refreshing. It seems to draw you in and capture you in a moment of magic.

Hailing from London, Hannah has completed a successful array of British festivals and a recently sold out concert at Twickenham’s Cabbage Patch for Teenage Cancer Trust. Her music receives regular airplay on various radio stations and is certainly creating a strong buzz both in the UK as well as stateside. She has also been victorious as Artist of the Year for Canada’s Starlight Music Chronicles, and has twice appeared on the biggest internet television and radio show in the world, The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell.

We can also look forward to more music from Hannah Clive in 2018, including a collaboration with (I AM) WARFACE who played support for Gary Numan’s during his 2017 tour.

Follow Hannah Clive on Twitter @HannahClive

Project Searchlight Launches Indiegogo Campaign For “Multiplicity: The Harold Ramis Documentary”


Project Searchlight has just launched their crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign to complete funding on “Multiplicity: The Harold Ramis Documentary”. Join the Project Searchlight team in finishing their feature documentary on the legendary Harold Ramis.

Project Searchlight is creating an in-depth look into the genius that was Director, Writer, Producer and Actor Harold Ramis. Known for such iconic films as Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, Animal House, Meatballs, Analyze This and more, Harold Ramis was a legend in screenwriting and directing. We also take a look into his personal life, his passions and what his movies meant to his peers and fans. A documentary on the extraordinary life and career of Harold Ramis is long overdue.

Multiplicity_The Harold RamisDocumentary 2.jpg

Multiplicity: The Harold Ramis Documentary
Join Us on our quest to create a compelling documentary on legendary writer, director, producer, comedian and actor Harold Ramis.

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• Contributors will become a part of film history in honoring Harold Ramis, as he died in February 2014, the loss of a legend will be kept alive in this documentary.

Help Us Complete Multiplicity: The Harold Ramis Documentary

Harold Ramis may have died…but his legacy will last forever.

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“Multiplicity: The Harold Ramis Documentary” has already acquired worldwide digital and physical distribution, and will be available on DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Streaming and Rental/Purchase.

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Project Searchlight’s website can be found at

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Christopher Sluka – American Musician/Modern Day Renaissance Man Behind The Incredible Band Sluka

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.35.37 PM.jpg

Christopher Sluka is an American Musician referred to as a “Modern Day Renaissance Man” by Vancouver Weekly, best known for his band Sluka who has recently recently his eleventh studio album “Colorful Radiation” to critical acclaim.

Christopher Sluka first rose to prominence in New York City in the 1980s playing alongside bands like Tears For Fears and Simple Minds. In 1989 he put out his first full length album, the Meldac released “Emotional Battlefield.” Despite hailing from the United States (but being raised an army brat) he saw the most success in Japan and Italy. This led to a variety of television and radio appearances. Among these most notable was a performance and interview on the Japanese network Television Kanagawa on March 12, 1990. Also notable was his Corragio Di Vivere performance on Italy’s Rai 2 and a San Diego KUSI-TV broadcast of two songs and an interview. In the following years he released another record, 1990’s “Fear Of Ordinary Life,” also on Meldac and then 1993’s self titled record on Time Warner’s Italian subsidiary CDG Wave.


Since then, Sluka has been prolific putting out eight albums in the ten years between 1997 and 2017. Most recently, on November 25, 2017, his song “Number One” from the album “Colorful Radiation” reached the #13 position on the global Rock Chart as reported by Digital Radio Tracking (DRT), Cashbox Magazine, and Record World Magazine.

Check out the video for first single Number One from “Colorful Radiation” by Sluka here:

Sluka has received critical acclaim throughout his career – though early on much of it was in languages other than English. In recent years though, in the USA and the United Kingdom, he has been called “Ambitious”, “Prophetic”, and his album “Introversions” declared a “Masterpiece” by The Huffington Post.

Scott Alexander of Abort Magazine states “Sluka is what Sluka is. And those who appreciate genius will appreciate his.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.30.27 PM.jpg

According to On Stage Magazine, “Colorful Radiation” is slightly experimental with a heavy dose of the dramatic thrown in. His music is very much his own even if it’s a little hard to define. It generally takes more than a quick listen to appreciate, so take a little time when you do.” And All Access Music states, “To categorize SLUKA’s music as “Rock” is an oversimplification. The often lush, ethereal sounds are a juxtaposition of elements found in classical, pop, gothic, progressive and alternative rock, which has resulted in a very difficult-to-define genre all its own… “Enigmatic rock,” perhaps…?”

Decide for yourself, download “Colorful Radiation” by Sluka on iTunes here:

Follow Sluka on Twitter @SlukaMusic

For more information go to

Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees: “Southern Americana Groove Rock” by Eileen Shapiro


Nashville based Alabama raised band, “Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees” have just released a sexy, bluesy, rock n’ roll single via Spectra Music Group, entitled “Alabama Baby”, which is accompanied by a salaciously fun-loving video. The single is a prelude to their debut album set to be unleashed in April and called, “Procrastinated Memoirs”.

I spoke with the band as they explained their music in depth and why it’s so much fun…they not only have a lot to offer the world musically, but also came up with some of the best conversation I’ve ever had with a band…

Why don’t we begin by you all properly introducing yourselves?

Jacob: My name is Jacob Needham, I’m the singer and the rhythm guitar player.

Ben: Ben Trexel, the leader of the pack so to speak. I co-produce and play the bass.

James: James Cody, I’m the lead guitar player, co-writer, co- producer.

RaShaun: I’m RaShaun Whetstone, and I play the drums.

How’d you all get started?

Jacob: We formed I guess around three years ago. The band has been together for two, but I met James and we started playing and doing some songwriting stuff. Then Ben the producer came on but also played the bass, and then RaShaun came on, and it’s been a steady climb ever since.

Who wrote “Alabama Baby”, its very sexy and a lot of fun?

Ben: We all pretty much write together. Someone will have a seed of an idea, and we just work it out organically. I feel that that’s sort of one of our unique qualities. We are able to bring all our influences to the table when we write a song, so it comes out sort of unique.

What influenced this particular one?

Jacob: “Alabama Baby”, …we were in Cleveland Ohio, and we were playing a show there. It was cold, and it snowed, and we were in the room one night…and some of our songs come spontaneously. Someone will play a riff, and we’ll tell them to keep playing it. So, it just kind of came. We were all jamming, and the idea of Alabama just came into my mind. Lyrically I was thinking of another way of thinking “Sweet Home Alabama”. Not that it takes the place of “Sweet Home Alabama”, but just something that gives something to Alabama again, and Alabama has beautiful women and we’re all from Alabama. So, then I thought, “why don’t I write something about that”? That’s kind of how that song came into our playing rotation.

James: Yeah, Jacob and the band…how we write is very unique. We’re able to just get in a room and can write a song in about 5 to 10 minutes. We are just very fortunate to have that magic, and that cohesiveness among all four of us. We just gel, we’re very fortunate to have that in today’s world.

Ben: Each of our songs have a different type of feel to it. “Alabama Baby” is sort of fun, and light. We like to share that side of our band, but we also have a more serious side. We have a pop side, we have a harder edge side, we just allow different songs to embody the different approaches. I think when our album finally does come out it’s going to take people to listen to it more than once to really get a full idea of what we are. If you listen only to “Alabama Baby” you won’t get a full picture of what the band is, but then that’s the case with almost every song, so you have to sort of hear a combination of songs to hear where we’re coming from. That’s why we were so proud of this first album.

This will be your debut album?

Jacob: We had done a little demo album a year and a half ago, and we never did anything with it. Then Spectra Music came a long and wanted to work with us, so we signed with them and this is going to be our debut. So, we are really excited, we’ve been working really hard just to get to this point.

Ben: We also realize that in today’s world a record is just a part of your product, but it’s not your entire product. So, we’re going to have to play for everyone over the country and sort of take our product out there and let people know who we are. That’s our goal.

Do you plan on heavily touring?

Ben: We plan on lots of touring this year. Lots of touring.

You guys have really cool accents…

James: We are all from Birmingham Alabama. We moved to Nashville this past February, so we’ve been up here about a year. It’s been really cool, I would say about half of our album we wrote within the span of the year. Just being in Nashville and how the different environment effected our growth as musicians and our sound. We call our genre, “Southern Americana Groove Rock”. We have a little southern influence, a little rock influence, a little groove influence…we like to have fun, we like to rock out, so it’s just sort of our self-pinned genre.
According to that video, looks like you like to have fun.

Jacob: It’s a lot of freshness from moving into Nashville….We did some recoding in Fort Knox studio…. just a lot of good things have happened here…I’m really excited about it.

What do you enjoy most about playing live?

RaShaun: Really, the freedom of playing live is just like not having to stick to the one particular script all the time. As long as we just get the music to fit the song and hope that everything else will. I pretty much have the freedom to have as much fun as I want, and I like the energy of live crowds, even though sometimes it makes me a little nervous, I still feed off it. That’s one of the things I like about it.

If you guys could say anything to your fans and followers, what would it be?

Jacob: I would definitely say to get ready for this album, get ready to fall in love with what we’re doing, what we’re creating and get ready this year for seeing some awesome live shows. Just thank you to everybody that is supporting us already, and pushing for us…and to the new people that come on and are following us…we thank you for your support. You’re a blessing to us …without you guys we would not be able to do what we do.

James: I just want to add that when our fans come to see us, we want them to know that we really are an organic, legitimate rock band. We do what we do because you chose us, and we didn’t choose you. We do actually have the passion to be able to pursue what we really want to do, and we are really very blessed to be able to do that. We want the fans to know that it’s completely real and genuine, it’s The Blue Trees.

Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees new single “Alabama Baby” is available now at iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, Spotify and more! Check out the music video for their latest single on You Tube below:
Visit their website at:
Follow Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees on Twitter @JNandTBT
For interviews and radio airplay, please visit http://www.spectramusicgroup