Samsung’s M8 monitor comes with a webcam, speakers, and smart TV features for $700

The 32-inch 4K M8 smart monitor is now available to reserve in white, blue, green, and pink. All colours cost $30 more than the white option. Samsung unveiled the M8 at CES 2022, but didn’t reveal a pricing or that it’d come in several colours. No release date has been announced. For now, you can only reserve an M8 monitor, not buy it completely. You may preorder one after reserving using your email address, and Samsung claims your purchase includes a $100 Samsung credit to use later.

Samsung’s M8 monitor comes with a webcam, speakers, and smart TV features for $700

Colorful and slender, the M8 may blend in among a bunch of M1 iMacs. The M8’s feature set significantly outpaces that of Apple’s more relevant Studio Display ($1,600).

The display itself supports HDR 10+ and runs video streaming programmes like Apple TV Plus, Netflix, and Disney Plus. Its stick-on camera can utilise Google Duo to video chat (Samsung says it has face tracking and auto-zoom functions). With a keyboard and mouse, the M8 can run Microsoft 365 online applications. Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant can operate it. It even has AirPlay 2.

More computer-to-TV than the Studio Display, but at a fraction of the price. Its supplied stand is height-adjustable and tiltable, albeit not VESA-compatible. Like Samsung’s Space Monitor, the display may be lowered or raised to fit your desk’s surface.

Despite these benefits, it may not be enough for certain Mac users. The M8 has 4K resolution against the Studio Display’s 5K. Like the Space Monitor, the M8’s connection is lacking. It contains one micro HDMI connector and two USB-C ports (one of which supports 65W passthrough charging).

We can’t compare the M8’s build quality, image quality, or webcam since we haven’t seen it yet. But if you want a sleek, feature-rich display that brazenly mimics Apple’s design, this might be a fantastic alternative for many Mac or Windows customers who were put off by the Studio Display’s low price.

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How to clear up space on your iPhone when you’re running out of storage

Our iPhones are so much more. We use them for work, socialising, ordering groceries, transportation, managing money, and even our health. With so many uses, it’s simple to rapidly exhaust the phone’s storage, causing havoc. Don’t panic. You don’t have to erase every picture or update your phone if you’re close to running out of space. We’ll show you nine simple ways to make room, several of which are free.

How to clear up space on your iPhone when you’re running out of storage


Go to Settings, General, then iPhone Storage to see what’s using up the most space on your iPhone. There’s a handy overview of the files, media, and programmes using up space so you can start eliminating them. Delete at least 2GB of storage to make room for additional applications and photographs.


Photos and movies can quickly use a large portion of your storage space. If you don’t want to erase them, back them up to a cloud service like Apple’s iCloud (you can learn exactly how to do that here). So you may securely keep copies of your memories before erasing them from your iPhone.

While the first 5GB of iCloud storage is free, the next 50GB costs 99 cents per month. If you need more room, you can read about alternative, more costly options here.

After deleting the photographs, keep in mind that any Apple Store photos removed in the last 30 days are still in the Recently Deleted folder in your Photos app, so delete these as well. To do so, go to the Albums tab and search for Recently Deleted. Tap the top right Select button and select Delete All.

You may also set up your iPhone to save smaller photographs and save the originals on iCloud to save space. To enable this feature, go to Photos in Settings and select the box next to Optimize iPhone Storage.

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Apple’s $55 million fine over in-app payments for Dutch dating apps could start growing faster

doesn’t like its latest proposal to allow dating apps to use alternative payment methods. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) fined Apple a maximum of €50 million ($55 million USD) for failing to comply with its order.

The ACM is currently reviewing Apple’s new proposal, which it says may force Apple to pay another round of fines “with possible higher penalties.” The Dutch regulator has been issuing weekly €5 million ($5.5 million) fines, but the ACM states that this amount may increase. The ACM says it will evaluate any new “definitive conditions” for dating apps if they result from the new proposal. The ACM will then decide whether Apple is in compliance.

Apple’s $55 million fine over in-app payments for Dutch dating apps

Apple revised its proposal on Sunday, March 27, to meet the ACM’s requirements under Dutch and European competition rules. ACM applauds Apple’s latest move. The revised proposal should result in clear terms for dating app developers using the App Store. ACM will consult market participants once it receives the proposal for definitive conditions. ACM will then decide whether Apple, in implementing those definitive conditions, complies with ACM’s requirement that alternative payment methods be possible in dating apps.

Jusqu’à last weekend, Apple had not met ACM’s standards As a result, Apple must pay a tenth penalty, totaling 50 million euros. If ACM determines that Apple does not meet the requirements, ACM may issue another order with periodic penalties (possibly higher this time) to encourage Apple to comply.

Apple’s latest proposal isn’t detailed, but the corporation hasn’t been very flexible in following the ACM’s directives. Apple said in January that it would allow dating apps to accept other payment methods provided they design and upload a Dutch-specific version. It would then charge the applications a slightly lower fee of 27% instead of 30% on any other payment provider purchases.

“Only a monopolist would choose €50 million in penalties over plain compliance with the rule of law,” said Coalition for App Fairness executive director Rick VanMeter. “We applaud the ACM’s tenacity in keeping Apple accountable.” Epic Games, Spotify, and Tile are among the initial members of the CAF, which promotes competition and transparency in app stores. The move by Apple to prevent developers from adding other payment methods has long been questioned.

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Apple is reportedly already cutting iPhone SE production plans by 20 percent

While high-end gadgets such as the PlayStation 5 and graphics cards continue to sell out at an alarming rate, the desire for lower-cost, more easily produced alternatives may not be as strong. It has been reported that Apple would produce 20 percent fewer iPhone SEs in the following quarter than it had initially anticipated, as well as 10 million fewer AirPods for the whole year 2022, according to Nikkei Asia. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed precise data in his note on the demand for the SE, stating that he expects Apple to ship 15 to 20 million SEs in 2022, as opposed to his earlier forecast of 25-30 million (representing a fall of between 22 and 66% in total shipments during that time period).

Apple’s manufacturing plans have been halted, according to sources, although supply chain concerns and chip shortages, which have plagued most of the electronics sector, have not been cited as the cause for the delay. Instead, they claim lower-than-anticipated demand as the reason.

Apple is reportedly already cutting iPhone SE production plans by 20 percent

Numerous variables might contribute to people’s disinterest in the iPhone SE, including price, availability, and features. Fears about the crisis in Ukraine and inflation are cited by the Nikkei, while COVID lockdowns in China are mentioned by CNBC, making it physically more difficult for customers in that country to get a new phone. Aside from that, and speaking from personal experience, folks who purchase iPhone SEs aren’t always the kind that rush out and upgrade as soon as a new model becomes available. Additionally, when petrol prices range between $4 and $6 per gallon, they may be substantially less inclined to do so.

Apple is reportedly already cutting iPhone SE production plans by 20 percent

The phone itself is also more expensive – the new model SE costs $30 more than the previous edition, presumably as a result of 5G. As a result, the price difference between it and, example, an iPhone 12 or 13 Mini becomes less (and the Mini lineup is already what the iPhone SE should be).

Although the Mini is substantially more costly when viewed in terms of retail pricing, the monthly rates tell a little different tale. The SE costs $11.94 a month for the 64GB variant at Verizon Wireless. It is possible to lease a 64GB iPhone 12 Mini for $16.66 a month or a 128GB iPhone 13 Mini for $19.44 a month, depending on your needs. Some individuals will be concerned about the price difference, but there are likely to be a large number of others who will say, “What the heck, it’s just $5 a month more.” Additionally, buyers who are more price aware may notice the increased price and opt to continue with what they have for a few more months.

For the sake of clarification, this does not necessarily imply that the new SE is a failure. Nonetheless, a 20 percent decrease in manufacturing is a significant reduction in volume, and it may serve as a benchmark for the SE’s sales across the phone’s (presumably multi-year) lifespan.

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How to use your phone as a two-factor authentication security key

You may use your iPhone or Android smartphone as a physical security key to authenticate your Google login and make it more difficult to access by anybody other than yourself (which is always a good idea). While you may use a third-party two-factor authentication service like as Authy or even Google’s own Authenticator to secure your account, these need you to input both your password and a code produced by the application. Google’s built-in security enables you to log into your account by just tapping “Yes” or the volume button on your phone once a pop-up shows on your screen. Your phone may also serve as a backup security key in some situations.

How to use your phone as a two-factor


This requires that your computer be running a current version of Windows 10, iOS, macOS, or Chrome OS in order to be configured properly. Before you begin, make sure that your phone is running Android 7 or later and that Bluetooth is enabled on your device before proceeding.

Adding a Google account to your phone is quite simple, and if you’re one of the few who owns an Android phone that doesn’t already have one, you can do so by going to Settings > Passwords & accounts, scrolling down to and selecting Add account > Google, and then confirming the addition. After you’ve finished, launch the Google Chrome web browser on your machine. Go to myaccount and sign in. go


You may also use your phone as a backup security key to confirm that it is indeed you who is logging into your account, rather than someone else. To put it another way, it will be essential to have the proper phone with a Bluetooth connection in order to get access to the account.

To set up two-step verification if you haven’t already, return to your account security page, click on 2-Step Verification, and then follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll need to log in, provide a phone number, and choose which secondary means of verification you’d want to use. That’s the short version. Select Add security key from the list of alternative ways after scrolling down the page. Select the Add security key option once again.

Your phone (or one of your phones, if you have more than one) will be recognised, and you will be offered the option of attaching a physical USB or NFC key. Choose a phone from the list.
You’ll see a notification informing you that Bluetooth must be enabled and that you can only sign in using a compatible browser (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge).
That’s all there is to it! You’ve successfully configured your phone to act as a security key, and you may now log into Gmail, Google Cloud, and other Google services while using your phone as either the main or secondary way of authentication, as needed.

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