Australian Singer Sarah C To Release Two New Singles Worldwide On Wednesday December 27th, 2017


Australian singer/songwriter Sarah C is releasing her two new highly anticipated singles “My Heart Is Your Home” and “Just Cry” worldwide on Wednesday December 27th, 2017. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copies today!

Melbourne Singer Songwriter, Sarah C, possesses a combination of dynamite energy and an extremely unique, powerful and soulful voice, it’s no wonder she has rapidly earned the reputation as “Melbourne Soul Diva”. Being a seasoned and versatile performer, Sarah was hand picked to sing exclusively for Oscar Winners and Hollywood Royalty Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon on their recent visits to Australia. She has also worked with some of the biggest names in the business such as Kylie Minogue, Jessica Mauboy, Daryl Braithwaite, Anthony Callea, Tim Campbell, James Reyne and Carrie Bickmore.

Sarah released her debut EP “Fearless” last May which debuted at number three on the Australian iTunes R&B/Soul Charts. “Fearless” showcases Sarah’s voice that stands as the central “instrument” and the most stirring element of this collection of Pop/R&B all-original tunes. Sarah has been performing live concert dates throughout Australia featuring her brilliant live band and will then make her way to the USA in the summer and reach the shores of Europe by the end of the year. Sarah says of the EP, “Fearless” is about going through the hardest of life’s experiences, acknowledging that you are not perfect but coming out the other side a stronger, wiser version of yourself. Each song is very personal to me; they are my perspective on life, love and other stories and they all have their own unique message.”


On December 27th Sarah releases two singles, “My Heart Is Your Home” and “Just Cry” just in time for the holiday season. Sarah says of these two stunning ballads, “they are sentimental songs that stir the emotions and remind us how important our loved ones are and how special it is to spend precious time with family and friends during the holiday season.”

Now available for pre-order reserve your copy of “My Heart Is Your Home” and “Just Cry” on iTunes in the United States here:

Request “My Heart Is Your Home” and “Just Cry” at your favorite radio station today!

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Sharon Lia: “Talent With A Heart” by Eileen Shapiro

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Being introduced to singer/songwriter/musician and recording artist Sharon Lia was a treat in itself, speaking to her became even more special but hearing her music suddenly harmonized into the titanic icing on the cake!

Hailing from New Jersey, Sharon played Keys and began to write songs at age 14. It was then that her mom so impressed with her talent awarded her daughter music lessons. Inspired by her music teacher’s magic words, “a creation isn’t a creation until you share it with someone”, Sharon went on learning her craft, performing in talent shows, and finally forming a band of her own. In 2014 she won her very first “Breakout Artist” competition, and from there began touring with the band, winning fans from NJ to New Orleans, and hasn’t stopped since.

Currently Sharon is in the midst of recording with Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum engineer and producer David Ivory. Sharon was named 2017 Pop/Contemporary Artist of the Year at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville. Having been invited to play at The White House, becoming a voting member of “The Recording Academy”, (Grammy Association), Sharon Lia is experiencing the journey of a lifetime.

Her music is generated from the heart and soul of an artist who cares about others. Her genuine lyrics and sonic innocence and vulnerability pierces the hearts of her listeners leaving a a lifelong impact on those who hear it. Although some of her music seems inspired by personal tragedy including her own fight with cancer which has inspired her to form “Ladies Who Rock 4 A Cause”, a music driven organization, she tends to create vivid and vibrant colorful pictures of songs people can relate to.

On January 12th Sharon will be unleashing her newest single entitled, “Anomie”……Sharon Lia is an artist’s who serves as an inspiration to those who don’t believe in themselves, but who are following their dream. She is living proof that “Fairytales’ do come true,

When did you actually start to sing?

I actually started playing the piano and singing when I was about six, and I wrote my first song when I was 14. I turned to my mom and played her a song that I had written, and was really cute. Her jaw dropped, and then she let me start taking lessons. It wasn’t until high school until I started really integrating singing, writing lyrics, and playing the music all at the same time, because that’s really hard to do.

FullSizeRender 6.jpg

What have you been working on as far as your recent music projects?

It’s really an amazing story, what’s happening right now. We are working with Grammy nominated, platinum winning producer and engineer David Ivory. He’s known for working with artists such as Patti LaBelle, Hailstorm, Silvertide…. I had worked with him a couple of years ago, but I was just getting my band together. So I started my band, “The Sharon Lia Band”, and we did covers and originals. We covered a lot of ground as a band, getting the word out of who we were. We put out an album last year, and that was the first thing we did together. I went back to David, wanting to work with him again, and it was great because he wanted to work with us as well. So we are working with him and we have a song coming out called, “Anomie”. That will be coming out in January and after that we have a song called. “Why Can’t We Pretend” following that….hopefully we will just keep building from there. I’ve really been on a journey. I’ve gone through a lot of things in my life including cancer. I’ve had to fight for my voice. I finally became a voting member of the Grammys. That’s not just something they give out. I was really very thrilled because I bought a dress many years ago, and I had said to myself that “this was the dress I was going to wear to the Grammys one day”. I just put it out for the universe because at the time I did not believe in myself. I was in a situation where there wasn’t a whole lot of hope. There wasn’t a whole lot of reason to believe, but I had this blind faith and this force inside me that said, ” you have to keep on going”.

What inspires your song writing?

As a writer, I write what comes from my heart. I sit down at a piano and I start writing this music and then I start writing words. The way I know that this song is going to be a beautiful song is if I started to well up in my eyes. Then I sing the song to myself over and over. If I do sing it over and over to myself that means it’s memorable, which hopefully means the fans will think that it’s memorable. Songs that are memorable, will hopefully be things people will remember and go back to. I have gone to different people to record my music and the one thing that I have noticed is that one song is like a Donna Summer song, one song is like an Adele song… here it is I’m in all of these different lanes. The dance song had dance Instruments and the rock song had rock instruments….and you can do all of this but you have to use sort of the same instrumentation so you can tell that it’s a Sharon Lia song. So the producer that I’m working with now is helping us stay in that lane. The new song that’s coming out is alternative rock, similar to “Coldplay”, but it’s not pop. The subject matter is very intimate. It really describes things that people go through that we really don’t talk about. Your outward face to the world may be beautiful. I see pictures of you with your pink hair, and you look awesome, and everything looks great….. but you don’t really know what a person is going through. A lot of times we keep all of that well under wrap. My A&R guy pointed this out to me explaining that I write about what people may be going through. They may look like everything is fine on the outside, but they are encountering these things on the inside that they don’t talk about. He said that I write music about that, and that’s something I didn’t realize about myself.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

So basically people connect with you deeply through your songs?

Yeah, yeah.

You’re also a graphic designer correct?

I am a graphic designer. All of the graphics that you see on my web site I designed, but it’s very time consuming. I do posters, logos, book covers, text for booklets, anything that you can imagine. Plus I have a regular day time job. I also write for a magazine myself, but I just don’t have time and I had to take a break. I’m usually the one asking the questions.

What does “Anomie” mean?

So I sent over my lyrics and the meaning of the song to my team. I really had to sit down and think about what each song meant, but “Anomie” was pretty interesting because no body knows what that word means. You have to listen to the song. When we release the song, we might actually run a contest for people to guess what this song is about. It’s a subject matter that no one has ever sung about, or written about.

All Photo Credits: Mark Weiss

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Jimmy Quill: This 4 Tat “A Revelation In The World of Tattoos” by Eileen Shapiro

This 4 Tat, is an exalting new contemporary remedial discovery that is nothing short of a revelation. The product offers the temporary, but full and complete painless cover-up of any tattoo you might need to conceal for professional, cosmetic, or personal reasons. This then furnishes the consumer with the freedom and privilege to obtain even more indelible self-expressions of orgasmic patterns, artistic bursts of dragons and fairytales, tribal effervescence or meaningful legends, without fear of regret or remorse.

Tattoos have become an artistic, fashionable and addicting revolution. However, often tattoos can become the object of concern, such in the instance of what happened to inventor of “This 4 Tat”, Jimmy Quill. As a Hollywood rocker Jimmy received his first tattoo in the mid-eighties, a time when ink had a bad boy connotation. His colorful, and massive dragon covered half of his back. Eventually after procuring a talent agent, Jimmy was offered commercials and found them to be extremely profitable until he was asked to do a shoot for a national restaurant on the beach and shirtless. After being cut from the commercial for having his enormous tattoo, the loss of revenue and the fact that even a professional make-up artist couldn’t completely cover the tattoo even with airbrushing, he began to question why there wasn’t a simple remedy for his situational tattoo.


Although we all love our tattoos and wear them with pride forever, sometimes a certain occasion dictates the need for a temporary cover-up. As Jimmy Quill reminds us, “Face it, first impressions are everything”, as are court appearances, job interviews, formal affairs, weddings, and meeting a loved one’s parents for the first time.

I had a unique and in-depth conversation with Jimmy about his inexpensive, empowering, lightweight creme base, tattoo cover up, that can be done while on the go in four easy steps. It can be purchased at: .

How did you come to invent this magical product?

We have a This 4 Tat van and we’ve been traveling just introducing the product, and it has been insane! First of all it’s so crazy because kids just don’t get their ears pierced anymore when they turn 18. They get tattoos. I love tattoos. I’m completely supporting the freedom and the artistic endeavors to do whatever you want. I’m down for it. It’s crazy because there is no market for the product because it’s considered makeup. Especially for a guy that’s going after the point of view that I’m going for, when they want to cover themselves just for work to make more money. I just came up with it about 6 or 7 years ago. I met the creator of Bio-Freeze™ Danne Montague King. I wanted to know what would happen if I did a tattoo cover with a silicone base cream that he came up with, something that would actually stay on, and you have to really wash it off, something that you can really cover a tattoo with….he said it would never happen. I kept bugging him. Eventually we went back and forth over 7 years and worked on a process by trial and error and figured it out just to a point where you don’t need a makeup artist. This is all about you.


So it temporarily covers a tattoo?

Yeah. It takes four steps. That’s why I came up with this title, This 4 Tat. Basically it’s 4 steps, you don’t need a makeup artist, you can do it yourself. It kind of came down when I saw a kid with love and hate on his knuckles. I’m from this rock point of view so nothing is going to shock me. I was looking at this kid with long blond hair and he asked, “what do you think man”? I answered, ” You know what I read….minimum wage”. He asked me what I was talking about and I answered, ” Yeah dude, you put them on your hands, you’re 17. You need a job. You’re screwing yourself and limiting yourself and I wish that I could cover it temporally so you can go to work, make $15 bucks an hour, and then go wipe it off and play like a rockstar”. I always seem to say those kind of things. Now I have invented a product where people can do that, and it’s not for people who just want to cover up, but for people who are just sick and tired of talking about their tattoos. Especially weddings. My wife is a huge wedding planner. When there’s a wedding and people have too many tattoos and your just trying to gear your attention to the bride….. so now it’s out and the product is for sale.

This product makes me excited because I’ve always wanted to get Adam Ant’s signature tattooed on my arm, but I didn’t think a tattoo on my arm would be feminine enough for me. Now I can do it.

Not only is it going to be so cool for you, but you will call me up and tell me “It’s almost like the opposite….it’s like having a tattoo. You are so used to having it, it’s permanent. It’s almost like putting your hair in a ponytail when you have long hair. This is not for people who don’t have tattoos. So people see me driving this van, and this is a hard sell for me because they see this guy half covered with tattoos. They think I’m a tattoo artist. The attention span for reading anything, people just don’t do that. They think I’m a tattoo parlor. But I saw this kid with Richard Nixon on his leg. Why would he pick Richard Nixon? It’s like getting a bad haircut. Thank god I love Adam Ant and so do you. So I don’t know if it’s important but let me tell you a little history about myself. When I was growing up, Cher was like my mother. She calls me her son. Can you imagine, I grew up with Cher? She had tattoos everywhere, she was just like one of us. Her son Elijah was my best friend. He had a dog bone on his wrist, and Chaz had tons of tattoos. Chaz was in my wedding as my best man. He knows everything about this product. Chaz was my deepest supporter in this because he was a perfect actor, wanting to be sort of a Chameleon. He needed to cover his tattoos.

To have a tattoo removed by laser is very expensive and very painful. Your product opens up a world of possibilities for people like myself who will now proceed to get as many tattoos as I want, wherever I want. One day it’s there and the next it just disappears, how cool is that?

It’s actually a creative thing. That’s the thing that I’ve been trying to tell people. This is just a staple. I’m not putting you down. My whole slogan is kind of like, ” party all night, work all day”. I was just trying to come up with these ideas so that people would get it. You can totally have your tattoos but there is a time when it is covered. I got a Patent Attorney. He’s straight as shit. He’s kind of not getting it. I look over and I see in their law firm this girl’s sleeves, completely covered in tattoos. I asked him if he hired her. He told me no, that she was the niece of his law firm’s partner. I asked if she were a good paralegal. He said that she was the best one they’ve ever had. I then asked him if he would’ve hired her on her appearance. He told me absolutely not. He was upset as to why she was even in there at first. I said to him, ” You mean to tell me she’s the best paralegal in the office”? He said yes and I said, “Here’s my product”. He would have hired her if she covered up her tattoos. This is the straight world that people still live in. It’s not my world, but there is that world……I look at Mick Jagger, and I wonder why he doesn’t have any tattoos. He’s just that kind of guy. If you got a tattoo before 1985, you were a real rebel. There is a funny story with Slim Jim Phantom and Brian Setzer.

I’ve interviewed Slim Jim numerous times.

They are from Long Island. They were Long Island kids, Lee didn’t get one because he was Jewish. His mom wouldn’t let him get it because you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery with a tattoo. So the other two went down and got tattoos and didn’t even know where to put them. “We put them on our forearms” he said. He told me when they went to school people were walking away from them. Two years later they were opening up for The Rolling Stones in England and all the Teddy Boys would be lining up. They loved them. In that era, The Stray Cats were such stars, but that tattoo image created that vibe. You had to earn your tattoos. Jim earned them. There are certain people who wear these tattoos and you look up to them, so I’m not putting down tattoos. I just want to help certain people temporarily. Help them in life with just like just one occasion.

For me this product isn’t about covering up, it’s about getting more.

I get that because we’re artists and we know what we want. Having Adam Ant on your arm makes me want to put you as one of my favorites on my phone, because I long for people like you. This product is really super affordable, I just want to get it to a place where it becomes a staple, and it’s just like you said, people can get whatever they want. This is just an opportunity to maybe cover something up if you feel like it.
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Matt Davis – Pop Music’s Newest Superstar By Jimmy Star

1800X1800 COVER 2.jpg

Matt Davis is one of the coolest and most talented up and coming artists on the Pop/Singer/Songwriter music scene in a very long time. Charming, great looking and incredibly talented with a smooth velvety voice, his new EP “Life” is sure to please music aficionado’s around the world. I spoke to Matt about his new music, influences and the upcoming year.

You have had an incredible 2017, releasing your EP “Life” which I might say is an amazing first release from a new artist. What can we expect from you in 2018?

In 2018 i’m going to be working on my debut album. Posting covers and original songs on Youtube and Instagram, @MattDavisSoudns. Playing gigs around NYC and am going to be looking to write a lot of new songs for myself and other artists, put together a great management team and open for some popular current artists on tour.

Your single “Head Over Heels” is one of the best pop songs I have heard in a long time, what is the song about and what inspired it?

Thank you, this song is really special to me. I had been listening to a lot of jazz standard love songs and it made me fall in love with the fantasy of love. Not dangerous heart breaking love, something gentle and pure. Falling head over heels with someone that fits like a glove. I started daydreaming about that idea and it inspired me to write “Head Over Heels.”


You have a very popular youtube page, and there is a short clip for a song called “Peppermint” that has almost 500,000 views. The song is very catchy and fun, are you planning on releasing it?

Yes I am planning on releasing this song “Peppermint.” I just recorded a demo of this song and it is currently being looked at by industry.

I know you are a west coast transplant, do you find NYC to be a good place for you to be creatively when working on your music?

I find that NYC is the place where I have experiences that inspire my writing. Although it is inspiring to live here because of the music, bars, art and people there is something special about visiting home that gets the words out of me. I feel really blessed to be able to be in NYC the center of the universe. I remember one night being in time square at 4am, so there was hardly anyone there, with a cutie I met at this typically eccentric NYC bar and having this unreal night that seemed like a scene from a movie. It inspired a song I wrote that is going to be on my album i’m working on. Nothing ended up happening long term with this person romantically but it’s the memories that are so important to me. Other than being fascinated by the fantasy of love I am fascinated by the power of beautiful moments. Even if they’re not significant to my future or past they leave a mark that influences my flow of energy and my writing.

How long have you been singing and writing music?

I’ve been singing since I was in kindergarten and have been writing songs since I was twelve years old.

Do you have a favorite song on your EP?

My favorite song off my EP is “Life.” The lyrics in this song still help me through hard times in my life where I feel taken advantage of or lost in the “labyrinth of suffering.” Just read “Looking For Alaska” by John Green and he talks about how we can get lost in our labyrinth of suffering and we can choose to get consumed in it and lose ourselves or we can keep looking for “the great perhaps” and find a solution to every outcome that happens in our labyrinth. This message is very similar to the message in my song “Life.”

You have been blessed with a great vocal talent and you are incredibly good looking, any interest in pursuing television and film roles as well as singing?

I have always loved acting. When I was living in Los Angeles I took acting classes and would periodically audition for TV/Film and booked a few gigs. When I moved to NYC I solely focusing on music and stopped auditioning but I do miss it. I would love to do some acting for TV/Film.

If you could open for any popular artist today, who would you choose?

I would love to open for Bruno Mars, Charlie Puth, Sam Smith, Troy Sivan or Ariana Grande.

If you could make a record of the soundtrack of your life, what songs would be on it?

“The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson because i’m addicted to dancing.

“Hey Jude” by The Beatles because it reminds me to not conform to a world that doesn’t fit my personality.

“Stop This Train” by John Mayer because I fear the speed of time. I see time as the most generous thief.

“Blessed” by Daniel Caesar because it reminded me that my family is everything and how blessed I am to have gotten them when dropped into the bucket of chance. And no matter what happens we will always need and love each other.

“Love On Top” by Beyonce because this is the song I sing way to loud in the shower.

“Who’d Have Known” by Lilly Allen because this song reminds me of the young silly love in my life. I don’t think you have to be a teenager to experience “young silly love.” I think we experience it at every age and these moments have made such a beautiful mark in my life.

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Defying Gravity With Sluka by Eileen Shapiro


Soaring to the top of “The CashBox Top 50 Music Airplay Charts”, with his hit single, “Number One”, overpowering the number 13th spot, effervescently, vibrant rocker “Sluka”, also defies gravity while soaring beneath the clouds as a cultivated pilot, (Jet type-rated).

That’s not where it ends, in fact it’s only the beginning…..Chris Sluka is also a world accomplished painter, with his artwork being displayed in prestigious art galleries all over the world. He is also an avid distance runner, and a fierce multi-instrumentalist. When creating a song, Sluka writes with an inward, soulful passion that leaves life-long impacts upon the listener.

We had a blast attempting to make a comparison between music and flying, and the dangers they both entail, as well as an intimate perusal of his musical goals, and style.

21246394_1931640203744780_8009901238566934674_o 2.jpg

Chris, how are you today?

If feels like there’s no problem too small that I don’t want to just fly away….

Well then perhaps you best not fly today.

Flying keeps me sane. You’ve seen the videos, the second one, “Verga”? I’m in the plane, and I’m taking off and there’s this dark cloud that looms over me. I take off and go out to the desert, that’s very much how I feel right now….I just want to escape. But eventually I’ll have to land on planet Earth, and deal with these problems. (Laughter).

Most people just get in their cars and take a drive.

Exactly. I go out to the desert in an airplane.

Chris did you ever have a close call in a plane?

Oh, yeah, all the time. When you train people to fly you spend most of your time training them for things that they hopefully won’t encounter. But yeah, I’ve had fires and all kinds of things.

Do you get nervous and panic?

You know when those things happen you don’t really get nervous. It’s a very common thing I hear, you just work the problem. Some people don’t get out alive, others walk away and then they start shaking, ” OMG, what just happened to me”. Usually that training kind of takes over. Musicians are like that too I’ve noticed. When I was touring extensively the musicians would always get nervous right before their shows. They were just thinking about how horrible it could be. Once they get out on stage, they kind of find themselves. So I think flying is like that too. A lot of people are afraid of it, terrified of what could happen. When you are actually doing it, you are too busy to be afraid.

Well if you’re on stage the worst thing that can happen is they will throw a tomato at you, but if you are in a plane that’s on fire….

Well part of it’s a mystery too, “that’s not supposed to happen”, then it’s like “ok, we’ve gotta get on the ground”. “If we can get on the ground without dying, that would be nice”. You mentioned tomatoes, that just reminds me of the New York experience. Do you remember CBGB, we use to play there all the time. People would just crucify you if you sucked. But in a good way it makes you really, really good. You had to be or you would be crucified.

So a lots been going on with your music. You’ve been charting all over the place….

Yeah, it keeps going up and up, I keep waiting… I wouldn’t call myself a cynic, I’m more of a realist. I’m just surprised by the airplay and how we keep spreading. I’m also kind of fascinated that it started in Alabama. I think they took my sarcastic song, “Number One”, a little too seriously. That’s ok. I’m just happy that people are listening.

You also have some really cool, excellently produced videos….

We have some really good quality videos, a lot of bands don’t have that. It’s one of those kind of things, there are so many artists out there. There are so many platforms. Everybody says that they’re good, and everybody says “come see my band”….it’s not about being good, it’s about going beyond that. It’s about creating some kind of interest and excitement, so people will tell their friends. I’d like to do festivals because they draw more people and I’m confident that I can win them over.

A lot of people compare you to David Bowie. I myself find you very Bowiesque, what’s your view on that?

I understand why David Bowie’s name comes up. It has to do a lot with the vocal range, and the style, but I do not have that kind of mystique that he has. He was British, I’m American. I would say if anything it’s people that like David Bowie might like this music, but it’s not like I’m trying to be Bowiesque in any way.

Yes, that’s the whole point, you’re not doing it on purpose, but you are reminiscent of Bowie.

Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that, but I don’t ever want anyone to come to a show believing that if you love Bowie, you’re going to love this. I don’t want people to think I’m intentionally doing that. I mean I’m definitely not hip-hop or country. I’ve had people say I’m Goth. They would criticize me, “the guys laughing on stage, how can he be Goth”? I’m not Goth, in any way.

It was your last album, “Gothic Cavalier”

It was the idea of Gothic in the sense of Bohemian Goth, but not Gothic…that old world gothic cobblestone streets, dark and all that other stuff. When people go see a goth band they don’t expect it to sound like “The Cure”, but they expect it to be within a certain realm. For me I think one of my biggest challenges in trying to promote this is how do you describe it other than saying what you just said? You could say it’s Pop-rock, but what the hell does that mean….? I have heard other things that are a bit more contemporary like “Imagine Dragons”, “The Killers” and “Coldplay”….

Yeah those too, for sure. So what else have you been working on since we last spoke?

Most of the focus has been on making sure the band is not only good and tight, but interesting, in terms of what we do. We whittled it down to a three piece. It’s kind of interesting as a three-piece. I’ve been working with triggering samples with the foot switch, so I’m able to do a lot of that kind of stuff, which is cool. I could bring a keyboard in but that just looks weird when I go over to play keyboard. I’ve had an idea of releasing each song with the video. They are really high quality videos with good songs. We have to make them stand out because like I said before, if we had a specific genre like goth, or like rock, or what people call doom metal, …..when you say something like that if your into metal and you hear something like that, doom metal, you would want to check that out. But, what I do isn’t like that. That’s why I understand why people have to get their head around it somehow. That’s why they put out Bowie….once it gets popular then they won’t have to do that. You know The Killers, Coldplay… everyone knows who that is, but in the beginning they had to go through something like that as well. So that’s really the ultimate challenge because you just can’t say that it’s good. Everybody says it’s good…i really want to spend the next year raising the profile of this. It doesn’t mean that I’m not still writing. I’ve told you before, I can’t stop, like the voices in my head. I’ve got loads of stuff. Right now in the last two years there have been two albums, 23 songs, with 23 high def videos on blue ray, and the 3D videos haven’t even come out yet. Looks like they will be out in January. I’ve seen three of them and they look so cool. I like the song “Vega”, it could be an unusual single.

All of your songs and videos are unusual.

Good. I’m happy you say that because it’s one of my own little insecurities because I have this horrible, horrible desperation not to suck. I think it comes from my New York experience. I learned very young that it sucks when people are yelling at you ” you and your band suck, get off the stage”. We cannot suck, because I cannot ever experience that again!

A lot of artists suck at singing but they have something else to offer that makes them great. I know many gay, flamboyant, charismatic artists that are held in high esteem because they can work a crowd.

I had an older brother who died of AIDS, and he was very flamboyant. He was obsessed with being famous, so much so that it had an influence on me. But he had zero talent, and yet he wanted to be famous. He even made business cards saying Jeffrey Sluka the famous whatever, and it was black printed on black. You could barely read it. He just thought that was so cool. I told him it was annoying, and I asked him what he was famous for? He felt like talent was secondary, and that fame was the most important thing…..and he was great. He would go to a party and he used to be loud…..

And people loved him.

Yes, they did.

Are you nervous before you perform live?

No…it’s really, really weird. I have this very strong urge to make sure that I’ve done everything that I could, and thinking about what I could be forgetting….it’s kind of like flying. Everything I do is like a pilot. When I get on stage, something changes. There is a part of my personality that doesn’t exist off stage. It comes out and I love that. I’ve heard that from a lot of different people. A lot of people that come see me say, ” who the hell is that”? “That wasn’t you”. In a good way. Off stage it’s the nerdy me and everything else, the scientist, the engineer, the pilot, worrying about details that I can’t do something about. Then on stage I don’t think about anything. The songs take over, I get very emotional in a good way, and I think that resonates with an audience. That’s what I’m told….
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Zeistencroix – Industrial Music Superstars


Orlando Draven, mastermind behind the raw, undisguised, powerful Alternative Industrial sensation, “Zeistencroix”, has recently unleashed an effervescent, and contagiously addicting EP entitled, “Gemini”. Along with drummer Santi Rivillas, “Zeistencroix”, paints a colorful temptation, uniquely incorporating the best part of Industrial, raging punk, doom metal, ska, and a trace of glam, all into one melodious sound.

As the title of the EP, “Gemini” signifies, a dual entity exists in the depth of Draven’s music. Two opposing sides, both being actually the same, as in life and death, black and white, good and evil, prevails as the artist explains: “I’m showcasing two very opposite styles from the same band. It’s a combination of two entities living under the same organism and somehow co-existing without one surpassing the other but complementing the other”. The bands influences include, “Depeche Mode”, “Marilyn Manson”, “Nine Inch Nails”, combined with “Rammstein”.

Now California based, Draven grew up in Venezuela, where political unrest, hunger, and poverty loomed over the country. He grew up singing in a church choir, however his music and song writing evolved into a salaciously explosive, genre bending anomaly. His video, “I Need You Tonight”, is already creating havoc in the best possible way. “Gemini” was recorded with British producer Tim Palmer who worked with artists including: U2, Robert Plant, Ozzie Osborne, Pearl Jam, and David Bowie’s Tin Machine. Also on the team was American producer Bill Metoyer, (known for working with Slayer, Six Feet Under and WASP).

I spoke to Orlando and found him to be creatively magic and really smart. His authentic nature shined through our conversation. He and his music are going to become an essential force in the music industry so buckle up and get ready for the musical ride of your life…..

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What made you decide to become part of the music industry? How old were you when you started?

Right now I’m 28, but I started to play, not professionally, when I was six. It was because my mom taught me how to play a folklore instrument in my country and it’s called “Four”. It’s like a guitar but it has four strings. It’s like a ukulele. It’s more similar to a ukulele than a guitar. So I started to play that when I was six, and then I was in the church choir for my first communion, you know the Catholic things that you do? So all of a sudden I had to do a solo in the church in front of 500 people. That was actually my first gig. They received it so well and that became my path of what I was going to be.

So you decided right then and there in the choir that you wanted to be a singer?

Yeah. Well, that’s already picked up for me. Look at me now!

A little bit I think. As a small boy in Venezuela who did you listen to on the radio, who influenced you?

The first band that I listened to was “Queen”. Then “Guns & Roses”, then it was “Metallica”. Then later it was “Marilyn Manson”, then it was “Nine Inch Nails”. I discovered Industrial music with “Nine Inch Nails”, and that was “it”. That’s what I wanted to do.

Do you consider your music as Industrial?

Industrial, yeah. I wasn’t a metal-head even though I liked “Iron Maiden”, it wasn’t exactly what I was called for. When I started to listen to ” Nine Inch Nails”, I knew that was the path. Around the same time I discovered “Rammstein”, and then it was the perfect land between the two, and then that was “it” for me again.

Do you write all of your music?


When you write a song what do you think about?

Usually it starts with a blind stare, and then I feel like it comes to me naturally. It’s not like I have to sit and think. It’s just that I’m doing whatever I’m doing and then something starts sounding inside my head. Then I get a melody and I need to get it out. It usually starts with a beat. With the melody that I already have inside my head, the way I construct the foundations of a song is to always find the beat that goes with the melody. Then I can blend it together, and I think that I have a song. More like an idea of a song. That’s the beginning of everything. I find the melody, then I get the beat, then I blend it together.

If you obtain your ultimate stage fantasy what would you need to happen?

My fantasy to play would be under my own terms or my own circumstances, I mean that I could do all that I wanted to do. I would have not only a big stage but a stage big enough to do all of the production that I have inside my head. Usually right now we play with videos. So we have the video synced to the music, and every time let’s say the drummer is playing the bass drum, the video just reacts to the bass drum. I would like to have a big production, Broadway kind of like so I can make a performance, a show and the music and everything blend together. Because I’m a big fan of “Rammstein” I would love to have fire, video, rain….everything. Everything I can imagine.

Do you plan to tour in support of your EP?

The main idea is to start playing festivals. Right now we’re in a toss up to see if we can get into them, and then we are going to start building something and start to tour. The thing is with the tour and this album and everything that we’ve done so far is organic. We don’t have any press agent, we don’t have a manager, or booking agent or anything. So we’re doing everything ourselves. It’s always harder because we need a validation, somebody to vouch for you…..someone that can take you under their wing, or open a path for you. That’s the way it goes. But in our case, we don’t have that so we need to do everything ourselves. It’s kind of hard.

I think you should consider touring in the U.K., they would love your music there. I say that because I originally thought that you were a UK band. You have that British sound.

I lived in Spain for five months and we had a chance to get reviews and they said that we were really European or sound European like. A big, big part of our influence is British like Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Gary Numan and so forth. Everything on our Industrial side is more British than American. “Rammstein” and waves of British bands that I listen to have a big effect and influence on my music.

If you could say anything to your fans and fans-to-be, what would you want them to know?

We have an EP out, it’s called “Gemini”. That was the result of a lot of thought and effort that I don’t see happening anywhere else. We are trying to blend the heavy music and the melodic and let’s say groovy music that I have in ” I Need You Tonight” and “Valley of Death”, and prove that that can actually coexist in a band. With heavier sounds like “Dantes” or “Rage” or “Saturated”, we are able to create both without any problem. We can conform those two sounds without a problem. You know that close minded mentality that if you make heavy music that you can’t make slow music. If you do slow, melodic music, you’re not able to do heavy music. That’s what in this case I’m trying to gather. So we are able to do both and hopefully from my point of view, it can be successful. That’s why it’s called “Gemini ” because you can have the both sides in one person, in one band in this case.

What does “Zeistencroix” mean? How do you pronounce it?

I really don’t have any pronunciation, the word is not a language. It’s a combination of three languages, a little bit of Latin, some German, and then the France in there. My point in choosing this name, I really liked the idea of having something that was our own. In this internet world right now you need something that identifies you, and that unique. So if you tag that name in google it’s the only thing that’s going to show up. Then you have an easy brand that you can actually brand.
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Forty Mile Detour Discusses New Single “Will McCain” By Eileen Shapiro

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An Americana, South Carolina band, Forty Mile Detour, has just released a new single entitled, “Will McCain” through the Spectra Music Group. Their motto is “Authentic. Americana. Music, and that’s exactly what they play…relatable, genuine music.

While building a massive fan base in Charleston, the band is focused on touring and getting their music out there. I spoke with front man Mark Yampolsky about the future of the band and their current projects. Mark is a story teller. He draws you in and with his stories and with the way he presents them, become compelling and addicting.

How long have you been doing music?

Pretty much my whole life.

Your band is really tight.

Thank you, I appreciate that. We just released a single with Spectra Music Group, and we are really excited about it. There’s some cool stuff going on. I wrote that song.

Who influences your style of music?

That is so easy….my inspiration to write basically came from an individual named Darrell Scott. He’s a phenomenal Nashville songwriter and a monster guitar player. I played guitar for years, and years, and years, in bands and never really thought about songwriting until I had the opportunity to hear Darrell Scott. I was just blown away by the originality of his songwriting and that’s what influenced me to write. I still listen to him all the time.


That’s a good story. When you do write, what comes into your head to write about?

Most of the things that I write about seem to have a movement. Moving, traveling, change of seasons, change of location, drifter, hobo, that kind of stuff. I’ll write a highway song, I’ll write a road song, movement.
Most people write about love, and you tell stories about movement.
You know, I can’t write a love song. I don’t know what the deal is…. what is it, “Just Another Silly Love Song”? I have a couple that come close. My wife would love for me to have one that I can get up and sing to her. It just doesn’t fit it. Everything is movement, traveling, trains, get up and get going, both figuratively and literally as well.

I guess there’s enough love songs out there. Do you plan on touring to support your new single?

Our band plays live almost every weekend. We just recently finished sort of a mini weekend tour in Nashville. We did three shows in Nashville. Up until now we haven’t. Everyone has got a day job in the band right now. We just haven’t had the opportunity. I’m hoping that with our relationship with Spectra, that changes because we would like to do some touring. Well, within reach of Charleston we’ve got some great places that we’d like to go on weekends. Charlotte is a great place for us to go, Savannah, Nashville, Raleigh all up in North Carolina. There are lots of places to play so I’ve definitely got the wheels going on this. I hope so.

We’ve got our name going on down here in Charleston and we’ve done some opening spots for some of these bands who come from these places. We are pretty good with connecting with people. We meet them and we kind of relate to people, so I think we are going to take advantage of some of those relationships and go spend weekends with some of our friends in Savannah and Charlotte and do some shows that way. That’s how I’m going to approach it.


What would you want to tell your fans?

Besides thank you for their support we have our motto. It’s “Authentic America Music” that’s our thing. What I would tell them is that we are going to keep writing that stuff and we’re going to do our best to keep it as genuine as we possibly can. Relatable. Can I share a story with you?

Of course.

We did a gig at a place that we love playing at here in Charleston, called “The Southern”. Our regular bass player was out, and we had somebody sitting in with us who’s a pretty talented guy. He knows our songs and he’s sat in with us before. We had a really nice crowd, the place was packed. It’s like a roadhouse atmosphere. After the show the guy said to me, “you know I saw people mouthing the words to the songs. How do these people know your songs”? I explained to him that we have people come out every weekend and they know our songs already but beyond that, I like to write something that people can remember. There are some songs that you hear the first time and by the time the second chorus comes around you know it already. Those are the kinds of things that we try to write. I want someone to walk away from the show remembering one of the hook lines in the song. But what I would tell my fans is that we are going to continue to write these authentic songs that people can relate to. That’s what we’re going to do. No matter what happens if we are touring or whatever, we’re just going to keep on doing the same kind of genuine stuff that people recognize us for.

I’ll be honest with you. Americana music is not my thing, I’m more about punk, however I do like your music.

I can’t write punk, but I appreciate that. I’m not familiar with that stuff at all Eileen. Well I’ll tell you how I came upon this genre. Growing up I listened to Crosby, Stills & Nash, I listen to The Eagles, I listened to Jackson Browne, James Taylor, that stuff. So, there’s this genre called Americana, which is a little fuzzy but it’s out there. My wife really discovered it. We discovered a music festival at sea. It’s a music cruise. So, Ellen discovered this cruise called “Cayamo”. It’s put on by a company in Atlanta and they do all types of music cruises. I don’t know if they have a punk cruise or not, but they have all kinds of rock, Metallica, all of that kind of stuff. But they have this one and it’s basically a singer-songwriter Americana music cruise. They attract people like Lyle Lovett, who is pretty big. But you get to see a bunch of A- listers and you also get to meet the B and C-listers too.

Some of the other names on the cruise are Brandi Carlisle, Steve Earle, Buddy Miller, these are all Americana artists. So, we started going on this cruise and that’s where I met Darrell Scott. That was 10 years ago, and we’re going back this February for our 10th year in a row. It’s kind of like camp where we see the same people year after year. They are part of this community. By virtue of that it’s allowed us to network with people in the music business that we would never have access to otherwise. For example, on that record cut that you heard, there was one small solo section of some cool organ playing. The guy who played that part is named Daniel Walker, and he tours with Ann Wilson of “Heart”.


We had met him on the cruise. One year on the cruise my guitar player named Eddie Phillips and I won the original song competition on the cruise. We got to do a set which was amazing with Chris Stapleton and Jason Isabel who were the headliners. That was huge for us. So, we met this guy Daniel Walker when he was playing keyboards for somebody else. We connected with him and he sat in on our set. Then we noticed that Ann Wilson was coming to Charleston to do a show. Low and behold, Daniel Walker was the keyboardist. I had his number and just called him and invited him to record with us. Sure, enough he was glad to do it. If it wasn’t for the cruise, I wouldn’t have any other way to make that happen. That’s how the music has grown for us. We also put on house concerts in our home, and we bring some of these artists to our home and share music with our friends.

Sounds like you’re definitely on the right path towards where you would like to be. I truly appreciate the time you have spent talking with me and make sure everyone checks out the new single by Forty Mile Detour called “Will McCain” which is available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. I hope you like it, I know I did. Thanks Mark!

Thank you!

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