Ladylake Music and Jimmy Star (World Star PR) Reach Finals of Nashville Universe Music Awards 2018


World-renowned music promoter Ladylake Music and publicist Jimmy Star from World Star PR make the final round of the 5th Annual Nashville Universe Awards. Voting Ends September 15th, support these two incredible talents today!

Nashville Universe is a 24,000+ member community of artisans, fans and related industry who all believe in the power of great art! Since 2013, our community has grown to include singers, songwriters, recording artists, musicians, producers, film makers, actors, celebrities, and all their fans; plus many prominent members of the related industries – including managers, agents, promoters, and executives from recording labels, publishing companies, performance venues, and entertainment organizations.

Nashville Universe provides many opportunities for the artistic members to showcase their talents and connect with fans, including the annual NASHVILLE UNIVERSE AWARDS show held in downtown Nashville, a booth hosting artists and celebrities at the annual Fan Fair X during CMA Fest in Nashville, and multiple showcases throughout the festival and numerous contests and showcases throughout the year.

LadyLake Entertainment, an eleven year strong independent arts promotional company headed by Cindy D’Adamo, has just gotten word that their recent global inter-company project “South By Down Under” has resulted in their highest social media reach ever, with a 120M score as reported by the independent analysis company, Sum All.

Founder of #SXDU along with: the Envision Indie Coalition, a collective of 20+ independent arts companies, Project Encourage – Music For Vets, and Charity Umbrella- Musicians Paying It Forward, LadyLake is creating waves of change throughout the independent arts community.

With award-winning artists, trending media, regional sponsor Texas Select Beverage Company, and roster sponsor “Light Up The Love”, LadyLake is on the move in 2018 with events in Boston, Texas, Vegas and Florida on the way. “Karma is our Business” is their company mantra, and karma indeed seems to be on their side, as they compete in the final round at the Nashville Universe Awards.
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Jimmy Star is the internationally known television/radio host of The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, the #1 Webshow in the world with 4.5 million weekly listeners/viewers, bringing the best in celebrity interviews, comedy, music and entertainment every Wednesday from 3-5 pm ET on

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Please support Ladylake Music for Best Promoter and Jimmy Star for Best Publicist in the 5th Annual Nashville Universe Music Awards.

To vote, go to and create an account. Once completed hit the VOTE NOW button at the top of the page to vote for all the categories. Make sure to vote for Ladylake Music (Best Promoter) and Jimmy Star (Best Publicist) while voting on all the amazing categories.

It’s FUN, FREE & GREAT NETWORKING with amazingly talented singers, producers, bands, filmmakers, musicians and more.

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Album Review: “Glitter and Sawdust” by Paisley Fields Reviewed by Harry Wells

IMG_2313 2.png

“Glitter and Sawdust” sensibly describes the union of country music with Queer Country band “Paisley Fields”. The first single off the album, “The Door” has been creating a buzz already. The band has also been selected to participate in Detroit Pride, and has just come off a residency in New York. They will be touring in Canada at the end of April and celebrating their album release party on April 12 at C’Mon Everybody in Brooklyn New York. Many more dates can be found on their website including a huge queer music festival on June 2nd at Drom in New York.

Frontman James Wilson aside from Paisley Fields is currently a pianist and singer leading sing alongs in several of New York’s outstanding and popular bars. A brilliant vocalist, Wilson is proud of his new release, and it’s easy to see why when listening. His next single “Keep Swimming” also promises to be quite a unique donation to the country song industry.

“Glitter and Sawdust” is everything you are hoping for in a country western release. It tells stories, it allows you to kick up your heels, and sing along. It’s charming, danceable, and fun. Basically a feel good release, it brings out the love for country in everyone.

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Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees To Release New Album “Procrastinated Memoirs” On April 6th, 2018


Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees are releasing their Spectra Music Group debut album “Procrastinated Memoirs” on Friday, April 6th, 2018. Now available for pre-order, reserve your copy today!

Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees are an Southern Americana Groove Rock band based in Nashville, TN.


Formed by Jacob Needham and James Cody, The Blue Trees have developed a signature style that blends rock, pop, alternative, funk, and electronic elements. In a word, their music is fun, danceable and original and is the perfect fit for festivals, nightclubs, and private events.

Meeting for the first time in February 2015, Jacob and James quickly formed a writing team that was powerful and prolific.

Having the same goal of achieving success in the music industry, the guys began to work nonstop on demo recordings. After several months of hard work, the two completed a 12-song demo recording and requested the services of local musician/producer, Ben Trexel to help with the mix.

Realizing their potential, Trexel joined on as bassist and has become a co-producer and writing member as well. After the official release of their first single “Chasing You” in October 2015, they struck a distribution deal which landed their single charting #8 on FM Radio Charts. As of February 1, 2017, The Blue Trees relocated to Nashville and have added drummer RaShaun Whetstone to their lineup.

The new album “Procrastinated Memoirs” includes their first hit single “Alabama Baby,” check out the music video here:

Call and request “Alabama Baby” at your favorite radio station today!

Pre-Order your copy of “Procrastinated Memoirs” on iTunes in the United States here:

The official site for The Spectra Music Group may be found at

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What’s on YOUR Indie Music Summer Play List? How about Verity White?

Yes, this is some ah-some Rock music for your summer days and nights.

When I say Rock Music, or Rock Band, or Rock Star, what image(s) immediately comes to mind?  Kravitz, Guns N Roses, Kiss, The Cure, Hendricks, Van Halen, Zeppelin, Bowie? (to name a few)?

Well, I pretty much figured these would be some of the answers simply because looking back on music there were not many females in Rock even though women came onto the scene of Rock music back in the 1930s.  But clearly they were not on the main stage or making it to the airwaves until the 1960s.  So of course most fans of Rock music instantly think of the male form when they are asked this question and they are not wrong.

But when music videos became a cult favorite in the 80’s, females in Rock began to create more waves.  They were displaying their nine inch nails, their diamond studded stilettos, and their leather.  They were rebellious and they were raw. So now we have Chrissie Hynde, Tracy Chapman, Joan Jett, Bonnie Raitt, Courtney Love, Brittany Howard, The Go-Gos, Grace Slick, Tina Turner, Pat Benatar, Grace Jones, Annie Lenox as well as others who have laid tracks and are making and leaving their mark.

Well, I have run across many female “Rockers” today, but one that stands out in the crowd as a legend in the making is Verity White.  If you do not know her, shame on you, but there’s hope.  Read on, and I bet once you get finished reading, you will be a fan of this diamond.

Hailing from the UK, Verity White has the same work ethic, dangerous panache, and lyrical flavor and stamina as those females listed above.

Formally an active member in function bands and theatrical productions, it wasn’t until 2016 that Verity began digging her nails in Rock music as a solo artist.  She went on tour with Pendragon as a backing vocalist and followers began to become curious as to how her own voice sound.  Working along with her husband Alex, Verity found her sound and her style and introduced it to the globe professionally in autumn 2016 with her first release.

Since 2016, Verity has garnered accolades for her originality and sound receiving the honor of “The Best Female Indie Artist” (Spiderweb Radio) and “Best Alternative Rock Song” (Akademia Awards Jul 2017).  Indie radio stations have established her as a regular on their playlists across the world while she racks up promotional scores from active social media platforms and channels.

Preceding her most recent work in music are two EPs “Parentheses” and “Stripped Bare.” 

Her latest release “Breaking Out” is a collection of Rock songs kissed by Soul, Punk, Progressive, Folk, and EDM which just puts her above her Rock female competitors today on mainstream radio.

Verity’s personality is like a diamond which just gets brighter and of more value under pressure and she has conveyed this distinctiveness into “Breaking Out” which exhibits how females, like diamonds, just get better and better and they win!

That’s why she’s on my Indie Music List for the Summer – it’s going to be blazin!  I bet you pick her music to be on your summer playlist too.

Go to my music blog Klef Notes to read the FULL review of the artist whom I call “The Mistress of Rock!”

To purchase “Breaking Out” go to  Follow her on Twitter @VeeBear.

Sluka: “An Accidental Revolutionary” by Eileen Shapiro


A fluorescent ray of white light and a rapturous, incandescent energy bedazzles the spirit of Chris Sluka, a relevant orgasmic profit and accidental revolutionary in both script and music. Often referred to as a modern day Renaissance Man, his talents and artistry exceeds almost everyone on the planet.

Having recorded eleven studio albums, the multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter designs his own vibrant musical journey that seems to draw listeners in like an experimental contagion, similar to the Pied Piper himself. His sonic endeavors, have been described as Bowiesque, and have been considered anywhere from alternative, to pop, to goth and beyond. His most recent album, “Colorful Radiation”, has reached number 13 on the Global Rock Chart, due to his single “Number One”. Although never a political portrait, the album quietly screams revolution and dances close to a delicate anarchy that the world needs to embrace. “Colorful Radiation” has also been released as a spectacular visual album.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.35.37 PM.jpg

It was in the 1980s that Chris Sluka unveiled his musical talents in New York next to bands like “Tears For Fears” and “Simple Minds”. The US born army brat’s musical career also thrived in Japan and Italy, where his success was most notable.

Aside from music, Sluka is a celebrated, internationally acclaimed artist, having his paintings displayed in galleries all over the world. He is also an accomplished long distant runner as well as an actor who’s appeared in several independent films, including “Vampire’s Kiss” alongside Nicolas Cage.

As a sky pilot Christopher Sluka owns and operates a prestigious flight school, and is the chief flight instructor. Usually in the air, more so than on land, he enjoys a jet plane flying status. His San Diego home, set as a decadent recording studio as well, overlooks the valley in which the airport housing his numerous airplanes resides.

Check out the music video for hit single “Number One” here:

Download “Colorful Radiation” on iTunes in the United States here:

Stream “Colorful Radiation” on Reverbnation:

Follow Sluka on Twitter @SlukaMusic

Paisley Fields “Glitter & Sawdust” Album Release Party Thursday April 12th, 2018 Brooklyn, New York

IMG_2313 2 2

Country Superstar Paisley Fields is having his highly anticipated “Glitter & Sawdust” album release party on Thursday April 12th, 2018 at C’mon Everybody in Brooklyn, New York from 8-11 pm ET with Karen and the Sorrows and Mylo.

Paisley Fields are a queer country band, unapologetic about pushing boundaries and seeking inspiration in the unexpected. Though lead singer James Wilson is inspired by country musicians like Dolly Parton & Gram Parsons, he wanted Paisley Fields’ music to reflect the modern world.

Paisley Fields have shared the stage with En Vogue, Daniel Romano, Bonnie McKee, Mya, The Difibulators, & Taylor Dayne.

Notable performances: Brooklyn Country Music Festival Nashville Pride
Brooklyn Music Festival Evolvement Radio
New York City & Brooklyn Pride Queer Music Festival
WDVX Blue Plate Special Louisville Pride

Pittsburgh City Paper writes “While Paisley Fields have a good bit in common with contemporary country – rich production, songs with pop bones and twangy accents – the band probably won’t be touring with Toby Keith anytime soon. They’re a refreshing change from country radio.”

The Paisley Fields will be playing great new music including their single “The Door” which is about loving and supporting friends and loving yourself, and is the first single off the soon to be released new album “Glitter & Sawdust”.

Get your copy of “The Door” by Paisley Fields here:

Check out the new music video for the first single “The Door” by Paisley Fields here:

Support great music at the Paisley Fields “Glitter & Sawdust” album release party with Karen and the Sorrows and Mylo at C’mon Everybody located at 325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11238.

Follow Paisley Fields on Twitter @ThePaisleyField

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Interview: Sam Stevens: “On the Positive Side” by Harry Wells


Having just released his debut single sensation “Don’t Cry”, which has created a thrilling, titanic, global reverberation, recording artist, singer/songwriter, Sam Stevens is the essence of playful imagination, and positive energy. With a video to accompany the song on the horizon, to be released shortly, Stevens, dubbed “The James Bond of the Music World”, is celebrating his auspicious inauguration to success. “Don’t Cry” can be downloaded on all Digital outlets worldwide.

Stevens’ lush and velvet vocals accentuates the flawless lyrics, sonically raising “Don’t Cry” into spotlight status. He attributes much of his triumph and opulence to the power of positive thinking, which he readily agreed to share with the world.

You have an electrifying, dynamically charged, voltaic personality that seems to place itself between the lines of your lyrics and the notes of your songs. What are you like when the music stops?

In business every now and then I get tough with people but in my social life it’s been a long time since I’ve had a disagreement with anybody. It’s a bit like “The Secret”. I was thinking about positive things and even when people are negative,…. let them do that, let them be a bad influence, but don’t let them be a bad influence on you. You have to have that air of sort of separation of any negative and any bad influence, and that keeps your positive thoughts. I’m really dedicated to keeping positive thoughts because it’s miraculous what you can do with positive thoughts. What I said about the universe and the frequencies and that sort of stuff…. it’s amazing what you can achieve.

_DSC5087 - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy.jpg

I get it.

I know you do because you read the book. Basically reading the book is an affirmation of how I’ve been probably all my life. I’ve had a great life purely because I’m a positive person. I’ve had some terrible things happen to me, gut wrenching, awful things….deaths in the family, people I’ve cared for more than I’ll ever care for anybody ever, like my grandma…..but I’ve been positive all the way through. Having gone through the mill, and having people try to be horrible to me, because people do, when you’re positive you get people who try and bring you down because they can’t handle anyone being lively and positive, or popular, or whatever it might be. They can’t handle it, so they try and bring you down. So I’ve had that all my life, and I just don’t give them fuel for the fire, really.

24 7.jpg

The response for “Don’t Cry” has been sensationally phenomenal, from fans, followers and old friends….aside from the fact that the song is actually really good, do you feel that thinking positive has helped the buzz?

For example if someone were to write something bad about “Don’t Cry”… because if you turn into someone the public knows, there will be people giving you a hard time, it doesn’t really matter because you can’t change anybody’s minds. It’s not my job to change how other people think, it’s just to be me. I don’t try and impose my will or my thoughts on anybody else. I can show them by being me I’m happier than they are. Maybe they will get a bit of empathy or positivity…but it’s not my job to do that. My only job is to be me.

Well, that’s a good job, isn’t it?

I like it, I quite like it. It’s just as well I like it really because some people don’t like their job, being them. Music is so cathartic. It gets in you like a spiritual thing. When I was a kid I used to listen to Mozart, Strauss and The Carpenters. It was like a drug. It was like taking Ecstasy, and I was only ten years of age. It was like all of a sudden my cares just disappeared. Letting the music wash over you, it just made me feel better. My house was crazy when I was a kid. I was sort of tormented by many things when I was a kid, but music was my salvation, my escapism. Actually I physically still have those original albums….those very albums, with the same scratches, in the same places…I’ve still got them. They are like amazing friends that saved me. That’s how I think of them.

I understand you will soon be following up “Don’t Cry” with another single and then an EP?

I’ve got loads to share, and everyday I’ve got more to share…I want to share with people ..
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