Ricky Rebel “The New Alpha” by Vanessa Nicholson


Ricky Rebel could be the Love Child of Madonna and David Bowie, with Uncle Freddie Mercury and cousin Adam Lambert. One big happy family of the most incredible artists on the planet. Ricky Rebel is an extremely talented Glam Rocker who is fully aware of how a true pop star should sing, look, perform and entertain. He just released his latest studio album “The New Alpha” which is sure to please music lovers worldwide.


As the former lead singer of No Authority, the boyband known for touring with Britney Spears with their hit single “Can I Get Your Number,” Ricky Rebel has had amazing experiences as a singer/performer, dancing with Michael Jackson, and being signed to Madonna’s record label. On his way to being an Icon in the LGBTQ community, Rebel has performed at Pride Celebrations around the country and is heading out on a UK Tour later this year.

The first single from “The New Alpha” entitled “If You Were My Baby” is currently rising on the Billboard Dance Charts, at position #42 as of this review. It is truly a dance worthy song, watch the new music video for the hot single here:

The second single release “Time” from “The New Alpha” is also sure to be a hit on the charts, with a video you do not want to miss:

“The New Alpha” consists of 12 tracks, each one unique and individual in it’s own way. Other standout songs on the album include “Magic Carpet”, “Life Is A Runway” which features Vivacious from RuPaul’s Drag Race and the title track “The New Alpha.”

As a reviewer I highly recommend this dance/pop album, definitely worthy of it’s $9.99 iTunes download price. Support Ricky Rebel by purchasing “The New Alpha” here:


Ricky Rebel is “The New Alpha” an individual who embraces his masculine and feminine sides with such grace and professionalism that he cannot be compared to anyone else in the entertainment spectrum, and if the powers that be open their eyes and wake up they will see the next big superstar ready to fill stadiums and arenas with hit songs and amazing performances.

For more information on Ricky Rebel go to http://www.RickyRebelRocks.com


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