Review: Free Willy – “Remember The Alamo” By Bruce Kent


Free Willy has recently released “Remember The Alamo”, an incredible collection of Country, Bluegrass, and Americana music that is sure to please all who listen. Free Willy, comprised of W.B. Jones on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Jim Taylor on bass and singing backup vocals, Spence Peppard on lead guitar, drums, backup vocals, Kevin Carter on fiddle and mandolin and Steve DeVries on banjo and harmonica. Together they have recorded music reminiscent of great country music from the past that the world has been lacking in it’s current state. The entire album is refreshing, entertaining and soothing to the ears.

Free Willy Remember the Alamo CD cover

“Remember The Alamo” Track Listing :

1. Remember the Alamo
2. Get in the Car
3. Medley: The Star Spangled Banner/ America The Beautiful
4. God Has a Name
5. As a Man Thinketh
6. It’s Good If You Like It
7. Not Your Everyday Love Song
8. Amazing Gracie
9. Sugar Baby
10. Another Day Another Dollar
11. Down The Track
12. Meant To Be
The musicianship and harmonies are like no other artists today.

Stand out tracks include “Get In The Car”

And “Another Day, Another Dollar”

Other songs I have played on repeat several times include: “Amazing Gracie”, “Not Your Everyday Love Song”, and “As A Man Thinketh.”

You really cannot go wrong with any tracks on “Remember The Alamo” and I think that Free Willy is going to become a household name in the future, as this is an extremely well produced album of great songs, and W.B Jones has a voice like no other, gritty and distinctive in a manner that suits the music really well. Highly recommend it.

Check out “Remember The Alamo” by Free Willy Band on Reverbnation
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