David Rabadi’s “You And I Matter” On WFDU 89.1 FM Sunday Nights 7 PM ET


Tune into “You And I Matter” hosted by the incredibly talented David Rabadi, Sunday nights at 7 pm ET on WFDU 89.1 FM. Don’t miss this amazing show!

About “You And I Matter” and host David Rabadi:

Life is a precious gift that a multitude of people do not appreciate. The reason is usually twofold, one being a person is simply too busy to take a moment, slow down and see how truly lucky they are to be alive. The other reason is the basis for the creation of my radio show, “You and I Matter.” There are some people who make a conscious decision not to appreciate life. This choice is not made with malice, but springs forth from feelings or beliefs that there is nothing to appreciate. The reason is usually rooted in depression, loss, lack of self realization or disenchantment with a world that is entrenched in turmoil, both foreign and domestic.

It is therefore my intent to use “You and I Matter” as a platform where every guest and listener is given the opportunity to share feelings, beliefs and opinions in an environment absent of judgement. Indeed, “You and I Matter” is a safe space where, together, we can examine current events and issues with compassion and understanding. I hope to spark lively debates that examine major world issues as well as issues that may be majorly important in your own household. On any given day, a discussion can range from a persons dinner table to a particular state’s policies. I look forward to tackling all forms of opinion from all directions they are aimed from through my radio show.

“You and I Matter” takes into account that an individual’s point of view comes from their own personal experiences and that each person should be allowed to share their opinions but also be open to listening to other points of view. I aim for unity in all my topic discussions. We all don’t need to agree with one another, but we can at the very least leave a discussion appreciating each other. Who knows, we might even learn something about ourselves, others or our world that we didn’t know before we made the choice to open our ears, mind and heart to truly listen. I hope that you tune in to “You and I Matter” for whatever reason speaks to you. I urge you to lend your ear for an hour and I can promise your mind will surely follow.

About the Host

David Rabadi was born and raised in Yonkers, New York. Of Jordanian descent, David came from a family of first generation immigrants, who hardly knew how to speak English. David knew from a very early age that America was the place of opportunity, and, if he worked hard enough, any dream he had could materialize. David vigorously pursued education and overcame a sizable language barrier during a time where resources were limited in the public school system. Evidence of David’s tremendous work ethic was clear in his total mastery of the English language. David continued his pursuit of language and expression throughout college, and graduated with a B.A. In Theater and Mass Communications from Lehman College. David parlayed his degree in a position as Editor for the New York based online publication LA Splash, a tenure that lasted for a decade. David recently transitioned from print publication into radio and has formed his own radio show, You and I Matter on 89.1 FM! Much like his personal experience, this show will focus upon working hard on yourself, for yourself, in a time where autonomy is realizing its full potential. Self expression and self compassion are the focus of David’s message, but, in being true to his own self, be prepared for lovely discussions that are filled with flare, zest for life and no holds barred honesty. This is not merely a radio show “just because”; no, this is a platform for a cause: the proliferation of compassion, understanding, self acceptance and self love. Tune in and it’s guaranteed you will never be tuned out.

Tune into “You And I Matter” every Sunday night at 7 pm ET on WFDU.FM (WFDU 89.1 FM) with host David Rabadi for a great variety show with intelligent and engaging conversations.

Follow David Rabadi on Twitter for all the latest updates @DavidZRabadi

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