Review – Matt Davis “Life” by Eileen Shapiro

1800X1800 COVER 2.jpg

Admitting that his life has been devoted to writing songs, New York based artist Matt Davis has just released his new EP entitled, “Life”. Davis says that you can really get to know him by listening to his songs, and once you’ve heard the release you will celebrate the fact that you now know of him.

His melodious voice is like a cozy velvet, soft angelic cloud, with a huge range, filled with passion and emotion. The songs on the album are uplifting tunes about life and life’s experiences. “Head Over Heels” is a jazzy, sexy song of a confession of feelings. This song is a perfect excuse to light a fire in the fireplace, pour a glass of wine, light some candles, and enjoy it with someone you care about. The lead track “Life” is a catchy song about forgetting your troubles and letting go to enjoy life. According to Matt, the lyrics of this particular song are very meaningful to him. “I’m Just Here Rockin”, is a sonically unique song experimenting with augmented and flavored tones, infused with a hint of soft rap, and my personal favorite. 

Most importantly Matt Davis writes relevant lyrics fitting in today’s situations that most can identify with, and projects them in an opulent way, with his luxurious tones. His songs are radio friendly, yet not commercially boring. Once you discover Matt, you’re going to need more, as his musical flavor is addicting.

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt recently and aside from his talent, he has an adorable personality. Everything excites him, like an innocent child at the circus for the first time. He has a tender vulnerability about him that’s reflected in his song writing and his singing. He’s authentic, organic and genuine.   

This is one artist to keep a careful watch on.

At 23 years old this New York based recording sensation is just touching on the beginning of something awesome. 

Follow Matt Davis on Twitter @MattDavisSounds

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