Review: Sharon Lia Band: “Anomie” by Eileen Shapiro

Sharon Lia Band Anomie.jpg

Today The Sharon Lia Band celebrates the release of their new single “Anomie”, a hauntingly enchanting track with a message. Sharon Lia’s angelic vocals freely design the journey of an anthemic alternative pop song sure to become a classic.

Sharon’s smooth and subtle brilliance clearly paves the way for a unique blend of music, both refreshing and thought provoking, and “Anomie” is the first single in a mesmerizing build up to an eventual album featuring songs of the same special caliber. Her fans see her as being, ” fierce in life, in music, and in her fight for the challenges women face in the music business.

Aside from being a singer/songwriter, Sharon is also an accomplished pianist, as well as a multi-faceted and inspiring journalist. She is also a voting member of The Grammy’s and promotes causes and concerts well worth keeping an eye out for. She is an explosion of inspiration and talent as evidenced in the new single. She has a loyal fan base all over the world that hopes for a chance to see her tour in support of her newest endeavor.

From the artist: “In this time in history where there are more people feeling a sense of disconnection, and wanting answers, I feel this song really speaks to a lot of those people”. The song is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and all of the major digital venues.

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