The Stoles: “Age of Deception” by Eileen Shapiro


Dublin based alt-rock band The Stoles have just released their new album “Age of Deception” via Spectra Music Group. The Irish band includes Ciaran on drums and vocals, and the only genuine Irish born member, and Andrea on guitar and vocals, as well as Antonio on lead vocals and bass, both originating from Italy.

Their single “Get Way” was also released in the US and throughout Europe receiving sublime reviews, followed by their single “Evelyn”, all a prelude to their debut album. They will be gigging all over Ireland in support of the album and eventually expand their tour to the U.K. and Europe.

I found the group fascinatingly funny and intriguing, but after seeing their video “Age of Deception”, I realized that they had the ability to make more than a statement.

So, Ciaran, how’d you get mixed up with these Italian boys?

Ciaran: It just sort of happened. I was looking for a band. I looked in the paper and Antonio replied, and we started a band together. Then Andrea joined.

Andrea: But we never met each before.

So, it’s just a weird coincidence that you both came from Italy and found yourselves in an Irish band?

Andrea: Yeah

Who thought of the name of the group?

Ciaran: That was Antonio who thought of the name.

Antonio: We were looking for something strong and rock n’ roll and I thought of a couple of names, and we got The Stoles. There were no other bands with that name, so we said “yeah, let’s go”.

Who writes the songs?

Antonio: Well, I write all the lyrics. The music is the three of us.

Your lyrics are really good. I feel like they are very Irish.

Antonio: Dark, and Irish….

Andrea: Is there some very strong influences that you hear from other bands in our music, in your opinion?

I hear a little U2 in there…. let me turn that question around, what influences from other bands do you hear in your own music?

Antonio: There’s a bit of everybody because we all like different bands. We can hear a bit of Stone Age, a bit of INXS, The Beatles…Oasis.
Where are you hoping to go with your music?

Antonio: Hopefully to become millionaires…

What do you enjoy most about playing live?

Ciaran: Just the energy of playing live. I think when you play live you put a lot of energy into it. The crowds feed off that and the energy comes back at you.
That brings it to a whole new level altogether. Just the excitement of it does it for me and also seeing the way the crowd reacts to our songs that we’ve worked on and written together…it’s all very exciting….

What’s your ultimate stage fantasy?

Antonio: I’d like to have Donald Trump on stage for two minutes. That’s what I
think about.

Ciaran: As a drummer I’d like to have a drum-off. A big drum battle with Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, John Bono and Ringo Starr in there as well. A drum battle would be great.

Andrea: I’m very down to Earth, so I don’t really have these big fantasies. I’m happy when we play small clubs. The fantasy itself what I really, really enjoy is when we have good communication with the audience. So, when we really exchange our feelings with the audience it’s alive exchange, and it’s not a fantasy. It’s a regular thing that happens in certain situations. That’s my best pleasure when I play on stage so…also because their fantasies are so great I can’t compete.

Antonio: Also, to play on the moon….

How long is the band together?

Ciaran: Around three years ago we started, the three of us just over 2 1/2 years.

The video, “Age of Deception”, that’s a really powerful message. Can you explain
what is going on there?

Andrea: The story is this: we wanted to do something contemporary in that somehow shocked the viewers. We didn’t want to do anything funny, so we wanted to get a reaction from the audience about some contemporary issue…. so, in this case the deception came from the media. We think that deception can come from different sources but for the video we opted for the media. So, in this specific case the media ruined or possibly destroying the lives of this family, killing the father because they decided to show something sensitive even though the story wasn’t exactly like that. They decided to condemn this person and you can imagine how easily that happens today on social networks. Somehow people need someone to condemn, almost like there was a pleasure in this. So, we pictured a crowd of people, the breaking into the house, the father of the family outside in the garden and they kill him. It’s the pleasure of the media and the crowd that they felt when they had the chance to get someone. The victim was the little girl who’s looking up at the ceiling from her bedroom and she sees what happens, but nobody looks at the truth. So, she runs away, and the mother runs after her, but she can’t catch her. Nobody can catch the truth…. So, we tried to do something with a meaning. We wanted to leave an impact in your heart that could push you to thinking about what the situation is today…That’s what we do through our songs. We try to communicate about war, about the society.

If there was anything that you could tell your fans or followers, what would it be?

Andrea: I would say to start listening to rock music.

Check out the new album available now and follow The Stoles at all their links below.

The Stoles Social Links:

Official Website:







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