Interview: Sam Stevens: “On the Positive Side” by Harry Wells


Having just released his debut single sensation “Don’t Cry”, which has created a thrilling, titanic, global reverberation, recording artist, singer/songwriter, Sam Stevens is the essence of playful imagination, and positive energy. With a video to accompany the song on the horizon, to be released shortly, Stevens, dubbed “The James Bond of the Music World”, is celebrating his auspicious inauguration to success. “Don’t Cry” can be downloaded on all Digital outlets worldwide.

Stevens’ lush and velvet vocals accentuates the flawless lyrics, sonically raising “Don’t Cry” into spotlight status. He attributes much of his triumph and opulence to the power of positive thinking, which he readily agreed to share with the world.

You have an electrifying, dynamically charged, voltaic personality that seems to place itself between the lines of your lyrics and the notes of your songs. What are you like when the music stops?

In business every now and then I get tough with people but in my social life it’s been a long time since I’ve had a disagreement with anybody. It’s a bit like “The Secret”. I was thinking about positive things and even when people are negative,…. let them do that, let them be a bad influence, but don’t let them be a bad influence on you. You have to have that air of sort of separation of any negative and any bad influence, and that keeps your positive thoughts. I’m really dedicated to keeping positive thoughts because it’s miraculous what you can do with positive thoughts. What I said about the universe and the frequencies and that sort of stuff…. it’s amazing what you can achieve.

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I get it.

I know you do because you read the book. Basically reading the book is an affirmation of how I’ve been probably all my life. I’ve had a great life purely because I’m a positive person. I’ve had some terrible things happen to me, gut wrenching, awful things….deaths in the family, people I’ve cared for more than I’ll ever care for anybody ever, like my grandma…..but I’ve been positive all the way through. Having gone through the mill, and having people try to be horrible to me, because people do, when you’re positive you get people who try and bring you down because they can’t handle anyone being lively and positive, or popular, or whatever it might be. They can’t handle it, so they try and bring you down. So I’ve had that all my life, and I just don’t give them fuel for the fire, really.

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The response for “Don’t Cry” has been sensationally phenomenal, from fans, followers and old friends….aside from the fact that the song is actually really good, do you feel that thinking positive has helped the buzz?

For example if someone were to write something bad about “Don’t Cry”… because if you turn into someone the public knows, there will be people giving you a hard time, it doesn’t really matter because you can’t change anybody’s minds. It’s not my job to change how other people think, it’s just to be me. I don’t try and impose my will or my thoughts on anybody else. I can show them by being me I’m happier than they are. Maybe they will get a bit of empathy or positivity…but it’s not my job to do that. My only job is to be me.

Well, that’s a good job, isn’t it?

I like it, I quite like it. It’s just as well I like it really because some people don’t like their job, being them. Music is so cathartic. It gets in you like a spiritual thing. When I was a kid I used to listen to Mozart, Strauss and The Carpenters. It was like a drug. It was like taking Ecstasy, and I was only ten years of age. It was like all of a sudden my cares just disappeared. Letting the music wash over you, it just made me feel better. My house was crazy when I was a kid. I was sort of tormented by many things when I was a kid, but music was my salvation, my escapism. Actually I physically still have those original albums….those very albums, with the same scratches, in the same places…I’ve still got them. They are like amazing friends that saved me. That’s how I think of them.

I understand you will soon be following up “Don’t Cry” with another single and then an EP?

I’ve got loads to share, and everyday I’ve got more to share…I want to share with people ..
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