Album Review: “Glitter and Sawdust” by Paisley Fields Reviewed by Harry Wells

IMG_2313 2.png

“Glitter and Sawdust” sensibly describes the union of country music with Queer Country band “Paisley Fields”. The first single off the album, “The Door” has been creating a buzz already. The band has also been selected to participate in Detroit Pride, and has just come off a residency in New York. They will be touring in Canada at the end of April and celebrating their album release party on April 12 at C’Mon Everybody in Brooklyn New York. Many more dates can be found on their website including a huge queer music festival on June 2nd at Drom in New York.

Frontman James Wilson aside from Paisley Fields is currently a pianist and singer leading sing alongs in several of New York’s outstanding and popular bars. A brilliant vocalist, Wilson is proud of his new release, and it’s easy to see why when listening. His next single “Keep Swimming” also promises to be quite a unique donation to the country song industry.

“Glitter and Sawdust” is everything you are hoping for in a country western release. It tells stories, it allows you to kick up your heels, and sing along. It’s charming, danceable, and fun. Basically a feel good release, it brings out the love for country in everyone.

Follow Paisley Fields on Twitter @ThePaisleyField

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