Ghostly Beard “Inward”

Ghostly Beard Inward

We’ve heard of the phrase “re-invent the wheel” right?  Well, what that basically means is making an exact model of something that has already been mastered by someone and has been in existence for some time.

So, let’s use this phrase metaphorically for music’s sake – okay?

Now think of this:  how many songs in mainstream commercial radio rotation (and streaming services) have the same hooks, command to the beat, and topics?  Many, right?  Well, isn’t it like they are trying to re-invent the wheel?  I mean, Honestly, they should give it up because they never quite get it right.  Right?

History and modern day mainstream music has taught us that one cannot re-invent the wheel – it’s shape or its purpose, but one CAN improve it!  Still, how many artists can attempt this refining technique and REALLY come out in the end with a fresh take or mastered effect?  Not many!

Ghostly Beard (Patrick Talbot) is such an artist who has redefined music but has stayed true to his sound and style.  And like wine, he just keeps on getting better and better and better ….

As an artist who knows HOW TO acclimatize his work, his sound is mastered; his technique has been perfected; and, his musical identity is etched and enjoyed – this is featured on “Inward” his newest album.

Ten songs grace the binding of this collection:

1) How Does It Feel

2) The Love in Your Eyes

3) Gone

4) Autumn Blues

5) Night Train

6) Let Go

7) It Doesn’t Matter

8) 9 to 5 (Barely Alive)

9) Let it Rain

10) Going Away

The six featured in this review dominantly display the artist’s interior – this is my interpretation. 

The album opens with a question in the form of a song – a wonderful technique that engages the listener’s ears and mind instantly!  “How Does It Feel” has a relatively straightforward arrangement with the artist’s vocals and warm musical accompaniment:  an organ, percussions and guitars.  The lyrics express the reality of feeling lost within humanity and poses a general question:  when you’re out there in the streets and no one sees you stumbling on your feet / when you’re bleeding off the walls and your beating heart is out of control / how does it feel? / to be less than real… how does it feel?  And even though this song is easy listening, Ghostly Beard once again wakes up your senses with his soul wrenching guitar skills.  I think “How Does It Feel” is set to become a popular song on AC radio with its easy like honey vocal execution and rhythms.

Ghostly Beard is mysterious and meticulous when it comes to his image, music and message, but he is surgical in making sure that what he feels translates into the music and is felt and grasped by anyone who listens.  To read more, go to


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