Review: “You’re A Mean One Ike Avelli” At The Triad Theater by Jimmy Star


I had the extreme pleasure of attending a very funny holiday comedy show by famed NYC comedian Ike Avelli entitled “You’re A Mean One Ike Avelli” which took place at the Triad Theater on W. 72nd Street in New York this past Saturday night.

Having Ike Avelli as a guest on my popular webshow The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell, and seeing him host a few events for some really great acts at different hot nightspots in the city recently, I was excited to see a full show of comedy and music, and this show did not disappoint.


The theater was packed to a sold out crowd, everyone smiling and looking forward to a great evening of laughter. VIP celebrity attendees included hair stylist to the stars Mark De Alwis, Pop/Dance superstar Aaron Paul, famed NYC photographer Billy Hess, and my television co-host and celebrity interviewer Ron Russell.

Prior to the beginning of the show we were entertained by classically trained piano aficionado Richmond Chandler, an amazing talent who was superb at keeping everyone’s attention throughout the night.

Opening act comedian TJ Garafolo was hilarious, and the audience was laughing constantly at his wit, and sometimes crass jokes about his life and the world we live in. Very entertaining, and I am sure you are going to see him a lot in the future as a comedy superstar all over the world.

Singer/entertainer Tym Moss, just off his starring role filming the new musical “Junk” sang a beautifully stirring rendition of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” filled with emotion and vulnerability I never heard from an entertainer who’s popularity has made him a staple in NYC nightlife. He later returned for an upbeat and fun original song “I Love New York at Christmas” that had the audience singing along with him, which showcased his talent as a great entertainer, and joined Ike Avelli for many other hilarious numbers.

There were several amazing appearances by philanthropist, activist and drag queen socialite Zola Powell, who was the consummate professional, extremely gorgeous and a huge hit with the audience as she worked the room and sang to the audience in a flirtatious way. Zola Powell is a super talent.

Ike Avelli, the star of the show, and a very funny comedian was totally on the mark. The show was advertised as a politically incorrect comedy show, and he definitely did not disappoint, and it seemed that nothing was too risqué as the audience did not stop laughing for the entire show. He engaged the audience, even bringing several attendants on stage for a lip synch contest, and it was a BLAST!!!! Ike Avelli assembled an all-star cast, and along with his incredible talent put on a Christmas show I will never forget…..

Anyone who loves comedy should make a conscientious effort to go see Ike Avelli in whatever show he is performing. You will not be disappointed.

You can see his touring schedule here: or follow him on twitter @ike_Avelli

Chris Weaver: “Semi Finalist of this Season’s Voice…Set to Perform at the Glam Awards” by Eileen Shapiro 



Worship leader, ordained minister by day, drag queen by night, and semi-finalist of this season’s The Voice everywhere in between, audaciously talented singer, Chris Weaver is a force to be reckoned with. His powerful, yet salaciously angelic voice has brought Chris to new heights, some he never dreamed he would accomplish, yet he knew if he didn’t try, nothing would ever happen.

Raised in the church since the age of 3 years old, Chris went to school in Iowa, and discovered a whole new life as alter ego, Nedra Belle, while doing drag for Halloween originally, and then taking it to another level. Trying out for The Voice got him 4 turned chairs, Jennifer Hudson as his coach, and a spot in the last level of the semi-finalists, an experience he will never forget. Chris is also nominated for a Glam Award, and set to perform at the Glam Awards on January 21.

I spoke with Chris, now based in New York, and originally from Long Island, and found him especially organic, warm and really funny as well, with an interesting story to go with the package. I caught him after his return from Iowa, where he spent Thanksgiving weekend. We talked about his time on The Voice, his church and his drag, as well as his ultimate passions. 

How was Iowa?

OMG It was amazing!

Don’t lie to me.

Everybody keeps saying that. Well, because I lived there, and to be back was like…..

I can’t even imagine how amazing Iowa could possibly be. How did you discover drag?

Actually I was living in Iowa, and it was Halloween so I went to the Halloween contest. I came as Nedra, and I came in at first runner-up. Someone asked me if I had ever thought about doing drag, and I answered, ” No, not really”,  (Of course I had). So they invited me to perform at a “Toys for Tots” benefit show. I remember there was no one to paint me, so they just put some lips and eye makeup on me. I looked quite terrible. I did “And I Am Telling You”, and “I’m Every Woman”. The show director said, ” Wow your lip-sync is amazing, we should really get you into this”. That’s kind of how it all happened, and then they found out that I sing live. Then I did my first live number and it was really…..yeah.

So you really began with a lip-sync?

I actually lip-synced.

How come you’re not on Drag Race?

For years and years and years, I had no desire to do it. But I have a different outlook now. I mean it’s not a pressing, it’s not a running in my heart to do it, but I do understand that it is a way to reach people, to get your name out. So I’m not opposed to it. 

So after doing drag, you somehow decided to audition for The Voice?

I was singing at a church also while I was doing drag. So I was working as a worship leader at the same time. 

What kind of church? So is a Worship leader like a Pastor?

The one in New York is like a Pentecostal background. I consider myself the music department. But I was an ordained minister in my old church.

Can you marry people?


So you were working in a church, and then?

I had pretty much been doing both simultaneously. I’ve been doing drag for six years next month, and it’s finally come to a…..last year they actually found out that I’d been doing drag at my church. So we ended up doing a Christmas show there….a Christmas drag show, for our Christmas program at our church. It was me, Lady Jasmine, Jada Balenciaga, Monet X Chance and Barbara Tucker. 

So how did you come to audition for The Voice?

Actually what had happened was when I left Des Moines in 2013 I moved to Iowa City. They had auditions in Chicago, so I auditioned in Chicago. I did make it to the open call. The next year I did the open call when I worked in New York, and I did not make it. I had the same producer for both cities for both years. Which is crazy because I sang the same song and he stopped me at the second audition and asked me if I knew anything more current. I told him not really. Then the next year I got a private audition. I had a friend who is an ex-producer for America’s Got Talent, and they had emailed him for people to recommend to audition. So I ended up doing it and I made it through all the interviews, and then I made it through to the executive auditions. Then I made it to the blinds which is funny because all in all in those two years that I did not make it with my audition song, I sang the song that I had done in my original audition. 

How many chairs turned?


What happened when you told them that you were a drag queen?

Jennifer was the first person to say, ” you know what we want, I want to know what you want”. So I told them that I grew up in singing in church all my life, and that I’m also a drag queen. At that moment Miley and Jennifer’s face just lit up. Miley actually got out of her seat and started vogueing. It was great. 

After all of that you made it to the semi-finals, what was that like for you?

After that you move on to the battle, so the nervousness when you realize that you are one of the powerhouses of the season as far as votes-wise….so we were all sitting there, and we didn’t know…I remember that I wanted to be challenged, and “That Dangerous Woman” was definitely the song to challenge me. I wanted this but I didn’t want it to happen that soon. We met with Kelly Rowland, she was our advisor and there were just some things that weren’t working with the song at first. We actually got through it and we had to really learn with this that less was more. So we went out with this and we killed it. I wound up winning that battle. 

Out of the finalists left, do you have a favorite?

First of all I can’t believe that Janis is gone. Davon was my roommate. He’s so diverse. Keisha is amazing…everyone on the show is so solid.

Where would like to see your career go from here?

Definitely music. I’ve been realizing that there was so many people that I’ve met before and after who had dreams of pursuing music, or whatever it is that they want to pursue. You only have one life, win or lose, at least you can say you’ve tried. For me, that’s such a passionate thing for me right now. It’s a fact that I am living in the best moments of my life, and I almost did not do it because I waited until the last minute to hand in my video. I think about how I could still be just sitting here and waiting. That’s my real thing. It’s to push people to just do it. Funny I was at a party one night, and I think we ended up at a friends house and it was noon. I told him that I couldn’t believe we were still up. He looked at me and said, ” one day we’re gonna wake up and say, we were crazy”. Then I said, ” you know what, one day we will wake up, and not say, I wish I would have”. So that’s really my passion to just try it. Worse comes to worse if it doesn’t work out you can just go back to what you were doing. So that, and since I’ve been on the show I’ve gotten so many messages from so many parents saying. ” thank you for being in the church, and thank you for being open and honest about who you are. I have a daughter or son who’s just come out and they have such a heart for Ministry, but I’m trying to direct them to some other place. I don’t want the church to hurt them”. So that really took a hold of me, this is the current state of the church discouraging your children to go into ministry, because they are afraid that the church will hurt them. What kind of world do we live in? That’s been a very hard passion of mine. 

Chris’ Social media

Nedra’s social media

Billboard Charting Artist Ricky Rebel To Perform At Mau Mau Bar In The UK Monday December 18th, 2017


Ricky Rebel to perform at Mau Mau Bar in the UK on Monday December 18th, 2017, as part of his UK Tour in support of his current album #TheNewAlpha.

THEN: In 1997, recording artist Ricky G. burst on the music scene as the lead vocalist of the boy-band No Authority who later toured with 98 Degrees, Destiny’s Child, Aaron Carter, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson among others. Rodney Jerkins (Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears) produced their first album, “Keep On”, and Michael Jackson signed the band to his own MJJ Music custom-label at Sony. In 2000, they signed with Madonna’s Maverick label to release their namesake album. The album reached #18 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart. Their signature hit, “Can I Get Your Number” peaked at #33 on the Billboard Top 40 chart while “I’m Telling You This” appeared on “The Rugrats in Paris” soundtrack. The band then embarked on tour with Britney Spears. Following the break-up of No Authority, Ricky became the lead vocalist of Harlow from 2004-2009 during which time he released “Unstoppable” (2005), mixed and engineered by Jay Baumgardner at NRG Studios and produced by Grammy-winning producer Randy Cantor (Ricky Martin).

NOW: Ricky G. became Ricky Rebel and embarked on a solo career after My Chemical Romance invited him to co-star in their “NA NA NA” and “Sing” videos. In 2012, he won the Artist of the Year at the RAWards and released the “Manipulator” album featuring the hits “Geisha Dance”, “Get It On”, “You Need a Woman” and the title track. MTV’s “Good Vibes” also featured music from the album. In 2013, “Geisha Dance” spent ten weeks on the Mediabase Chart, the chart that powers “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. Now, Ricky takes to the stage with The Rebel Mafia. Band members include Alyson Montez, a Grammy-winning violinist, drummer Robert Platz, guitarist Conrado Pesinato, synth player Tkeys, bass player Tak, and Full Dance troupe. with his new release, “The Blue Album” mixed by Claudio Cueni (JLo) with remixes for the “Star” single by world-renowned DJs Hector Fonseca (15 Billboard number-one hits for artists including Beyonce, Katy Perry, Sia), Casey Alva (Billboard number-one hit for Erika Jayne) and Tommy Love. Hector Fonseca recently remixed “Boys & Sometimes Girls” (Audio4Play Records) along with Billboard Charting DJ’s SaberZ and Sven Kirchhof. “Boys & Sometimes Girls” reached #28 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. In addition, Ricky played with Grammy-winners Mya, Switchfoot, Toby Keith, Patti Labelle, and Colbie Caillat, The Psychedelic Furs, Kesha, as well as selected West Coast tour dates with O-Townand Blood On The Dance Floor and appearances at Matinee Las Vegas and Matinee San Diego. He is also a fashion contributor to Us Weekly, signed to Revry TV the world’s first LGBTQ streaming platform, and sponsored by MustaeV Makeup. In 2017, Ricky Rebel performed at the South By Southwest Festival ( SXSW ) in Austin Texas. Most recently, he perfomed internationally at the Cannes Film Festival, Cinemoi Fashion Charity Concert raising money for orphaned children. Then he headlined ‘The Artist One Tour’ an Anti Bully Concert Series that played at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia along with co-headliners JAX (American Idol) and Youtube star Carl Chaze. Rebel’s Revry Original Documentary ‘Rebels Only’ was nominated for best Music Documentary at the Out Web Fest Awards. Rebel’s new single ‘If You Were My Baby (Remixes)’ will be released Sept 7th on Audio4Play Records and will feature remixes from world renowned DJ’s including the “God Father of EDM” Tommie Sunshine.

Check out the video for the Billboard Hit “If You Were My Baby” by Ricky Rebel here:

Unknown-1 copy.jpeg
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American High – Great Band Gives Back by Eileen Shapiro


Truly the best harmony I’ve ever encountered in a band or anything else, American High is an anomaly, a phenomena in the best way possible. Their recent release, Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement, appears to be a happy upbeat mesh of harmony and joy…That is until you listen…then it gets serious. It becomes saturated with heavy anti-political messages, social protests, anti-war and money spending revolts, so fitting for the darkness our society seems to be heading into because of the state of our world  leaders.  

The extreme talent of the band, screams, “listen to us”. This is a faction that chooses to donate every penny they earn to the Sacramento food pantry, while they create true rock music.
I spoke with Doug Terry about everything in the world, including music, and the state of the world, while the conversation became deeper and deeper with each spoken word. Ultimately, the band loves to play music, however they do so with hidden and multi urgent messages attached to their artistry.

Your band is one of the tightest groups, with the best harmonies that I’ve encountered in forever.

Wow! Thank you so much.
Who does the vocals?

We all do. We’ve gotten a lot of reviews that critique our vocals, or the harmonies as being imperfect.

You know what, they are imperfect, but that’s what makes them so unique and fabulous.

They are perfect because they’re imperfect.

Yes, exactly. 

We are trying to make great songs. We think that if you’re trying to make songs, they should be great songs. For us that’s creating harmonies that are unique. For example I learned about something called the circle of fifths. I was reading about it and I got about two sentences in, and I realized what it was, and what they were about to teach me and I closed that website down. I’m avoiding the circle of fifths because probably according to that, you can probably figure out harmonies for anything, and make them sound good.

Your music is refreshing compared to much of what you hear on the radio.

You pick this cute teenager, and you get professional songwriters, some professional musicians, and engineers and producers, and really the singer has nothing to do with the music. We wanted to go the opposite. Back in the 60s they had these one hit wonders, and you don’t see anything like that anymore. It’s like some band out of Wisconsin could make up a great song, but in our days it’s the same 12 bands constantly on the radio, on constant rotation. We wanted to do something different.

How long have you been together?

About 2 and a half years.

So introduce the band.

Doug Terry: rhythm guitar
Taylor Abbasi:  Bass
Dave Borginis:  drums
Evan Miller (AKA ‘Mary’):  lead guitar

Who writes your music?

I’m the principal writer but we all do. It’s just something you feel. We will play, and play and then all of a sudden we will kind of look at each other, and say, “Ok”. We try not to record when we are just making up songs, and then if we remember it several days later, then it’s memorable and we will work on it. If it becomes a song then we will craft it later.

If you could have an ultimate dream on stage, what would it be?

It would be to play a show big enough, and to be popular enough, that people start listening to the message. All the great bands to me always have songs that are catchy, the songs are compelling, and they are interesting, quirky, but they are also infused with a deeper meaning. So, we try to do that.

I also love your album art.

Everything on the album and inside the album was made by a guy named Skylar, who is a very, very talented artist here in Sacramento. Everything on there means something. All of the art refers to songs, there’s a bunny, there’s a bomber plane, for the song, Test Pilot, there’s a picture of Eisenhower, there’s a little tiny boat in the ocean, then there’s the moon looking down which was very creative on Skylar’s part. It looks like a giant eye looking down, for the song Moon. So everything refers to something. I’ll tell you, we got a lot of reviews questioning why we call it an anti-war record. They couldn’t figure it out. We have a song called 1/17/61 with a picture of Eisenhower on the front of it. There’s a lot going on with the record.

Tell me.

We wanted to make rock ‘n’ roll. We watch a lot of old Beatles, TV videos, Green Day, and we love REM’s first appearance on TV when Stipe kind of choked. We love everything from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, through the 90’s. We thought that there’s many professors as we like to call them, like Lennon, Billy Joel, Kurt Cobain. We particularly respect bands that change things, that are new. I’ll break it down for you. We are anti-war. First of all we believe that everybody is born with identical rights. So it doesn’t matter if you’re born with a handicap, or if you’re born gay or straight, everybody is born with identical rights. Those rights cannot be revoked by people. For example, you have the right to not be murdered. You have the right to try to find food. So we believe that no one has the right to commit violence on another non-violent person, regardless of how much they believe they have the right to do so. It’s always wrong to commit violence. Violence comes in a lot of different forms. I lived in New York actually. I lived in Park Slope. On 911, I remember climbing up the fire scape and looking at the towers. I remember thinking, “Why?” Everybody was asking the same question, “Why do they hate us?” Well that’s a problem. It’s something. There’s got to be some reason. America has 100 military bases in 130 countries throughout the world. We have a military base in Germany. We won that war 75 years ago. What are we doing in Germany? South Korea, we won that one in the 50’s, and we are still there. Iraq, we never left. I don’t know what they are all doing over there, but we can’t help but think that it’s something. It’s something that’s been pissing people off, enough to blow up little kids at a concert. The blood is on the hands obviously of the murderers, but the blood is on the hands of other people too. We think it’s on the hands of military. The military is all overseas meddling in other people’s business, and trying to force people to do what we want them to do, and it pisses people off. So people strike back. That’s why we wrote September, and I Can’t Change. September is about 911, and I Can’t Change is about a buddy of ours that came back from one of these wars, and didn’t even know why he was there. Our opinion is that Eisenhower was right, that’s why we wrote, 1.17.61. If you Google it, that’s the day that he gave his farewell address. So here is a guy who ran the military, a five star General, and then followed that with the Presidency. What does he do with his one and only last chance to speak directly to the people? He says, “Look out for the relationship between the government and the military because it’s the biggest threat to peoples liberties, to people’s freedoms, that exists.” We are spending one out of every five tax dollars on the military. There are more guns in this country than people. We definitely don’t need to be meddling in everybody’s business.


We think it’s all about the money. There are guys that are in charge that’s making too much money, they are in charge. There are people all over the world that are suffering so that these people stay rich. It’s immoral and we want to wake up the populace, or at least try.

Check out the new video for “Moon” by American High:

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For more information on American High check out their website

Review – Matt Davis “Life” by Eileen Shapiro

1800X1800 COVER 2.jpg

Admitting that his life has been devoted to writing songs, New York based artist Matt Davis has just released his new EP entitled, “Life”. Davis says that you can really get to know him by listening to his songs, and once you’ve heard the release you will celebrate the fact that you now know of him.

His melodious voice is like a cozy velvet, soft angelic cloud, with a huge range, filled with passion and emotion. The songs on the album are uplifting tunes about life and life’s experiences. “Head Over Heels” is a jazzy, sexy song of a confession of feelings. This song is a perfect excuse to light a fire in the fireplace, pour a glass of wine, light some candles, and enjoy it with someone you care about. The lead track “Life” is a catchy song about forgetting your troubles and letting go to enjoy life. According to Matt, the lyrics of this particular song are very meaningful to him. “I’m Just Here Rockin”, is a sonically unique song experimenting with augmented and flavored tones, infused with a hint of soft rap, and my personal favorite. 

Most importantly Matt Davis writes relevant lyrics fitting in today’s situations that most can identify with, and projects them in an opulent way, with his luxurious tones. His songs are radio friendly, yet not commercially boring. Once you discover Matt, you’re going to need more, as his musical flavor is addicting.

I had the pleasure of meeting Matt recently and aside from his talent, he has an adorable personality. Everything excites him, like an innocent child at the circus for the first time. He has a tender vulnerability about him that’s reflected in his song writing and his singing. He’s authentic, organic and genuine.   

This is one artist to keep a careful watch on.

At 23 years old this New York based recording sensation is just touching on the beginning of something awesome. 

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David Rabadi’s “You And I Matter” On WFDU 89.1 FM Sunday Nights 7 PM ET


Tune into “You And I Matter” hosted by the incredibly talented David Rabadi, Sunday nights at 7 pm ET on WFDU 89.1 FM. Don’t miss this amazing show!

About “You And I Matter” and host David Rabadi:

Life is a precious gift that a multitude of people do not appreciate. The reason is usually twofold, one being a person is simply too busy to take a moment, slow down and see how truly lucky they are to be alive. The other reason is the basis for the creation of my radio show, “You and I Matter.” There are some people who make a conscious decision not to appreciate life. This choice is not made with malice, but springs forth from feelings or beliefs that there is nothing to appreciate. The reason is usually rooted in depression, loss, lack of self realization or disenchantment with a world that is entrenched in turmoil, both foreign and domestic.

It is therefore my intent to use “You and I Matter” as a platform where every guest and listener is given the opportunity to share feelings, beliefs and opinions in an environment absent of judgement. Indeed, “You and I Matter” is a safe space where, together, we can examine current events and issues with compassion and understanding. I hope to spark lively debates that examine major world issues as well as issues that may be majorly important in your own household. On any given day, a discussion can range from a persons dinner table to a particular state’s policies. I look forward to tackling all forms of opinion from all directions they are aimed from through my radio show.

“You and I Matter” takes into account that an individual’s point of view comes from their own personal experiences and that each person should be allowed to share their opinions but also be open to listening to other points of view. I aim for unity in all my topic discussions. We all don’t need to agree with one another, but we can at the very least leave a discussion appreciating each other. Who knows, we might even learn something about ourselves, others or our world that we didn’t know before we made the choice to open our ears, mind and heart to truly listen. I hope that you tune in to “You and I Matter” for whatever reason speaks to you. I urge you to lend your ear for an hour and I can promise your mind will surely follow.

About the Host

David Rabadi was born and raised in Yonkers, New York. Of Jordanian descent, David came from a family of first generation immigrants, who hardly knew how to speak English. David knew from a very early age that America was the place of opportunity, and, if he worked hard enough, any dream he had could materialize. David vigorously pursued education and overcame a sizable language barrier during a time where resources were limited in the public school system. Evidence of David’s tremendous work ethic was clear in his total mastery of the English language. David continued his pursuit of language and expression throughout college, and graduated with a B.A. In Theater and Mass Communications from Lehman College. David parlayed his degree in a position as Editor for the New York based online publication LA Splash, a tenure that lasted for a decade. David recently transitioned from print publication into radio and has formed his own radio show, You and I Matter on 89.1 FM! Much like his personal experience, this show will focus upon working hard on yourself, for yourself, in a time where autonomy is realizing its full potential. Self expression and self compassion are the focus of David’s message, but, in being true to his own self, be prepared for lovely discussions that are filled with flare, zest for life and no holds barred honesty. This is not merely a radio show “just because”; no, this is a platform for a cause: the proliferation of compassion, understanding, self acceptance and self love. Tune in and it’s guaranteed you will never be tuned out.

Tune into “You And I Matter” every Sunday night at 7 pm ET on WFDU.FM (WFDU 89.1 FM) with host David Rabadi for a great variety show with intelligent and engaging conversations.

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Country/Bluegrass Superstar Free Willy To Guest On The Debbie Scott Radio Network Sunday 12/10/17


Reverbnation’s top country artist Free Willy to guest on The Debbie Scott Radio Network on Spreaker on Sunday December 10, 2017 at 7pm Central Time. Tune in for great conversation and music.

Free Willy Band plays a heart-warming acoustic/vocal mix of original Bluegrass crossover and Americana selections. Free Willy was “born” in the Fall of 2016, at The Mixing Room, a recording studio in Nacogdoches, TX. W.B.Jones had been writing songs for many years and wanted to get on with the business of recording them to share with the world. He contacted Jim Taylor at the studio and they began rounding up the best performing/recording artists in Deep East Texas for the project. Jim Taylor is the producer of the record, plays bass and sings harmony; W.B.Jones plays rhythm guitar and sings lead; Spence Peppard plays lead guitar, drums, and sings harmony; Kevin Carter plays the fiddle and mandolin; Steve DeVries plays the banjo and harmonica. W.B.Jones had a vision to create what he calls the “Free Willy Sound” which involves the lead instruments playing “over top of each other” on the breaks, rather than having the instruments “take turns”, and to inject lead breaks throughout the songs, including during the vocal parts.

W.B. Jones says of the band’s formation “Last fall (2016), I walked into Camp Street Cafe in Crockett, Texas, guitar in tow, to participate in the quarterly acoustic jam session/open mic night event hosted by the Wright family from Kennard, a little town a few miles up the road. I was greeted, enthusiastically by the owners Pipp and Jessica Gillette. The other participants, jamming away, were already lost in the music, but a few turned to smile in acknowledgement of my late arrival. As I stood in the back, I was suddenly moved by the effect of twenty-five or so acoustic instruments playing their various parts in unison, with no real direction other than Margaret Wright facing the others and keeping time with her dulcimer, offering occasional words of encouragement and announcing chord changes for the newer folks. The instrumental chorus that flooded the smallish venue filled me with inspiration, and I determined at that moment that I would dig through my files, recover the songs I had written through these past 40 years or so, pick out my favorites, and attempt to recreate that sound to share with the world.”

The Debbie Scott Radio Network broadcasts around the world on Spreaker and can be found here:

Check out this amazing unscripted interview with Debbie Scott, one of the most prolific interviewers of music stars on radio today.

Debbie Scott is the owner and CEO of the Debbie Scott Radio Network on Spreaker, and has interviewed hundreds of indie and established artists worldwide. Join Spreaker and enter the chat room to participate in this amazing show and interview with Free Willy, one of country music’s newest stars. It’s FREE, FUN and Entertaining!!!

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