Samsung’s M8 monitor comes with a webcam, speakers, and smart TV features for $700

The 32-inch 4K M8 smart monitor is now available to reserve in white, blue, green, and pink. All colours cost $30 more than the white option. Samsung unveiled the M8 at CES 2022, but didn’t reveal a pricing or that it’d come in several colours. No release date has been announced. For now, you can only reserve an M8 monitor, not buy it completely. You may preorder one after reserving using your email address, and Samsung claims your purchase includes a $100 Samsung credit to use later.

Samsung’s M8 monitor comes with a webcam, speakers, and smart TV features for $700

Colorful and slender, the M8 may blend in among a bunch of M1 iMacs. The M8’s feature set significantly outpaces that of Apple’s more relevant Studio Display ($1,600).

The display itself supports HDR 10+ and runs video streaming programmes like Apple TV Plus, Netflix, and Disney Plus. Its stick-on camera can utilise Google Duo to video chat (Samsung says it has face tracking and auto-zoom functions). With a keyboard and mouse, the M8 can run Microsoft 365 online applications. Bixby, Alexa, and Google Assistant can operate it. It even has AirPlay 2.

More computer-to-TV than the Studio Display, but at a fraction of the price. Its supplied stand is height-adjustable and tiltable, albeit not VESA-compatible. Like Samsung’s Space Monitor, the display may be lowered or raised to fit your desk’s surface.

Despite these benefits, it may not be enough for certain Mac users. The M8 has 4K resolution against the Studio Display’s 5K. Like the Space Monitor, the M8’s connection is lacking. It contains one micro HDMI connector and two USB-C ports (one of which supports 65W passthrough charging).

We can’t compare the M8’s build quality, image quality, or webcam since we haven’t seen it yet. But if you want a sleek, feature-rich display that brazenly mimics Apple’s design, this might be a fantastic alternative for many Mac or Windows customers who were put off by the Studio Display’s low price.

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